The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Working HARD For Liberty Paying Dividends in Canada: The People’s Party of Canada Movement Is Officially Growing Organically independent of The Internet – September 19, 2021,

Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada may want to consider skipping the debates in the future, because it’s apparently paying dividends all over Canada, of course, there are no guarantees in this life, but, the most popular Canadian politician online Maxime Bernier now takes his show offline and more and more people are hearing about the PPC OFFLINE and this is going to be extremely problematic for the Conservative Party of Canada and the NDP.

The Liberal Party brand is very weak, I like to remind people that the Jean Chrétien brand of Liberals cut the cost of government, that was the only way to bring support back the Liberals and we all know that the term Corprotism is properly assigned to the Jean Chrétien Liberals.

Currently, in case people haven’t been paying attention, the Democratic Socialist NDP had their platform hijacked by Justin Trudeau, Trudeau is democratic socialism + Corporate Welfare rolled up in one and it’s one of the reasons Canadians can expect price inflation to increase for the next 4 years if Justin Trudeau wins the 2021 election.

Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Why a Justin Trudeau victory in 2021 might accelerate growth in People’s Party of Canada

With that said, if you’re a Leftist, who swings back and forth between the Liberals and NDP, you’ll want to be very careful of who you vote for in 2021, because if Erin O’Toole can’t beat Justin Trudeau in this election, and the People’s Party of Canada wins a few seats, the entire mood of Canada will change, because as it stands today nobody believes the People’s Party of Canada can win anything, but unlike the prior election, in this election supporters of the People’s Party fo Canada are willing to sacrifice 2021 for 2025, this is the same thinking that led to the success of the NDP.

The Liberals have long had to deal with vote-splitting from the NDP, but this vote-splitting as benefitted the Liberals greatly, because now, the Liberals in many instances can call on NDP voters who otherwise wouldn’t exist to support the liberals during close elections, well this happening with the People’s Party of Canada, the PPC are finding voters who never used to vote and they’re growing organically, it’s becoming fun to associate with FREEDOM and Liberty.


Now, forget about winning seats for a second and think about TOTAL VOTES, this is the number to watch in the 2021 election, what are the total votes the People’s Party of Canada will receive? a reminder Justin called an early election, the number of total votes one would expect should remain the same, but if these numbers grow while Canada’s mainstream media ignores the PPC? Well, what does that tell you about the usefulness of Canada’s mainstream media?

If you know anything about marketing, nothing is better than ORGANIC sales as an example with all the money Justin Trudeau stole from taxpayers to pay the mainstream media, Justin Trudeau should EASILY win a MAJORITY government in 2021.

But if Justin Trudeau ends up with a minority government or even ends up losing to Justin Trudeau, and Maxime Bernier who has been banned from participating in the debates gets more total votes than the Green Party, what does that tell you? It tells me that the PPC movement is officially larger than the internet and mainstream media

The Labor Party is currently dead in the U.K

The Labour Party is a centre-left political party in the United Kingdom that has been described as an alliance of social democrats, democratic socialists, and trade unionists. Debating hasn’t been on their side lately, it’s not to say there can’t be a resurgence of the Labour Party in the U.K in the future, but the internet has cratered their support because LEFTISTS have for the most part traded in debating for virtue signaling and virtue signaling in the political arena is BRAINWASHING

If you’ve ever watched a political debate in the U.K it’s fierce, you’d better have a command of the English language if you’d like to debate someone in the U.K. That aside, I bring this up because Maxime Bernier wisely made DEBATING ideas a major part of his party platform which is not only a threat to all the Leftists Political Partys in Canada, it’s also a problem for the Conservative Party of Canada as now the PPC will have the moral high ground.

Maxime Bernier observing Canadians Politics For what it is and not what some imagine it SHOULD be

Humans hate CHANGE, some on the Right, want to impose their will on those on the Left, because after all Leftists are always attempting to force people to capitulate to their demands. Well, Maxime Bernier often cites Canadian law as it is and not what the extreme leftists or extreme right-wingers would like it to be.

As an example, I hate WELFARE, I’d prefer private charities deal with Provincial Welfare, I’m also not a fan of Canada’s universal health care system, I think our medical professionals are underpaid because current Canadian laws crafted by the Liberals put a cap on earning potential for medical professionals, meanwhile, people selling financial products like mortgages or real estate properties have no earning caps? That’s NOT fair!

But people like me under Canadian law would get nowhere in politics, because of existing laws which include cradle to grave brainwashing in Canadian media. Politicians and the media has done an excellent job selling Canadians on the idea that private health care is evil?

So, Maxime Bernier has sheltered himself from future problems, by not promising to deliver on things he knows are unrealistic if he becomes Prime Minister, this smart calculated political decision by Maxime Bernier is why Jagemeet Singh as an example has resorted to mudslinging, instead of debating Maxime Bernier, all Jagmmet Singh can do is label Maxime Bernier a racist, but oh it doesn’t stop there…

The Threat Maxime Bernier poses to the Conservative Party of Canada in 2025 whether or not Erin O’Toole becomes Prime minister

You see even the Conservatives are terrified of Maxime Bernier because the Conservatives in their attempt to steal votes from Justin Trudeau are alienating Conservative voters. Maxime Bernier has clearly watched and observed the effectiveness of the Bloc Quebecois as well as the Green Party both of whom have decided policy in Canada without winning a single election.

If your ideas aren’t the majority, sometimes your best bet is to be an irritant, so in the event established politician a,b,c does x,y,z you can make their life a living hell. When Leftists haven’t gotten their way they’ve thrown hissy fits, now, right-wingers value property, so they won’t as an example burn down churches or commit acts of violence the way the Leftist will, but people on the Right will organize in decentralized means that in many ways will mirror a secessionist movement.

There is more than one way to secede - The People's Party of Canada Movement Is Officially Growing Organically

There is more than one way to secede – The People’s Party of Canada Movement Is Officially Growing Organically

In the U.K they seceded from the E.U, why? Because not only is the U.K government too big, but the E.U is even more oppressive than the U.K government, but you see prior to Nigel Farage, complaints of big government destroying entire industries were growing larger and larger, these complaints were of course going ignored and because these complaints went ignored Nigel Farage was able to tap into it and voila, in a few years, the U.K left the E.U and is better off because of it.

Canada has a different problem, which requires a different solution, in Canada, every PRIVATE industry responsible for paying Canada’s bills is under threat by the environmentalists, now, most of us know the success of this stupid movement is because of CORPORATE WELFARE championed by the Liberals and protected by the Conservatives, but a large enough percentage of individuals in Canada who consume more than they produce and benefit from corporate welfare, would rather bankrupt Canada rather than allow Canada to have a free market.

How do you compete with the Welfare State? The truth is you can’t, all you can do is warn people. In the bible there’s the story of Noah, Noah built an ark and warned everyone a flood was coming, but almost nobody listened, but God sent him to warn the people. Even if you’re an atheist I hope you understand the lesson in that story.

Liberty isn’t learned overnight and it’s rare politicians speak about it, why? Because humans hate change and some humans feel entitled to government perks Libertarian Rand Paul was almost killed by his NEIGHBOR because Leftists feel like a person is evil if they deny Welfare benefits or the right for a woman to kill an unborn child.

Because Leftists hate debate they resort to violence, capitalists lovers of liberty hate violence, but because we hate violence, and our rights to defend ourselves are often stripped via the government, we’re often docile, sitting ducks whose only defense from tyranny are words.

To prevent the liberty message from gaining traction, the media, the Left-Wing politicians will label us INFIDELS. Another word for being an infidel in Canada is being a white person who is labeled a racist by the Left. But wait a second…person of color… you too will find yourself with the label “white-racist” if you dare to challenge Leftists.

Until you embrace liberty you’ll never figure out that these LABELS Leftists give their opposition have nothing to do with solving problems, Leftists label people to avoid debating ideas. When you’re a beneficiary of the Welfare State you love the idea of silencing your opposition, it’s not until the NATIONAL SOCIALISTS come looking for you because you dared to express your individuality that you’ll realize the monster you voted to create.


Humans hate to feel ostracized! and the PPC to date has done a good job branding itself as a political Party that could start its own REPUBLIC. Now, Maxime Bernier isn’t a secessionist but his dedication to Western values is producing an organic movement and you’d be wise to embrace the NON-VIOLENCE principle and expand the message because if Canada continues to move further Left politically, Leftists are going to get angrier and angrier as society deteriorates via their dumb ideas.

When the Canadian economy collapses or when the flood appears, you’ll either be ready for it or it’s going to hit you by surprise. If you’re a Liberty-loving politician, you know that you’ll have a small window into cutting the size of government, before the Leftists take back control.

In America Donald Trump a PATRIOT and obviously not a lover of liberty didn’t understand that you can’t claim you’re going to drain the swamp and not do it, because millions of people are 100% dependent on the State and if you threaten their monopoly of power and free money they’ll come at you with anything and everything they got.

Lincoln was murdered soon after freeing the slaves in exchange for FREE MARKET CAPITALISM, slavery was a form of corporate welfare or corporatism, lots of people’s entire livelihoods were reliant on enslaving other people, that’s how this works, this has nothing to do with race, there were black slave owners in America also, the Left, the National socialists want the government to have the ability to force people to do whatever the government wants, whenever the government wants it and if you’re unable to recognize this because you’ve been brainwashed or you want a government handout, you’ll fall victim to identity politics.

Joe Biden checks his watch during ceremony for Marines killed in Afghanistan Because Joe Bidens botched withdrawal

Joe Biden checks his watch during ceremony for Marines killed in Afghanistan Because Joe Bidens botched withdrawal

Those people over there deserved to be punished because they don’t agree with the Leftist politician who promises to redistribute resources to causes that resonate with me! Capitalism is a relatively new concept, socialism is a very old rebranded concept with a lot of different names. People began calling Socialism “Big Government” because anytime Leftists are exposed they rebrand their stupidity and if you’re clueless as to what’s going on, you’ll have no idea when a person is trying to steal your liberty from you.

In the end, this is the real threat Maxime Bernier poses to the establishment, DEBATING IDEAS if Canadians begin engaging in mental exercises about what Liberty is, a revolution might happen in this country as more and more Canadians start to realize how dumb these politicians really are.

13 U.S. troops killed in the Kabul suicide bombing because Joe Biden

13 U.S. troops killed in the Kabul suicide bombing because Joe Biden

To date if you ask around, most Canadians assume that politicians are smarter than they are or have some secrets that the rest of us can’t tap into, this mysticism is the result of the Welfare State and the Forex Markets rewarding an unstable political fiat currency. When stupid ideas on the surface appear to be working, you can’t blame the ignorant amongst us for assuming that Justin Trudeau as an example knows something that the rest of us are too stupid to know.

This same type of thinking existed in ancient Rome, Greece modern Europe which led to the crash of most currencies in Europe which fueled the demand for the EU. The Welfare State will destroy Canada, but when the socialists destroy our beautiful country, we have to know how to rebuild it. This is why if you love Liberty you’d be wise to do your part now!

Interesting times ahead!