Is a Scam?

Is a scam it’s registered with the BBB so the answer is no but the better question is will it work for you. That answer depends on you. I personally don’t like online companies like World profit because in my opinion they’re complete system is overpriced. Also in the overall sense I don’t like their approach to making money online. and their upsells

I think in the grand scheme of things they’ve produced a very smart business model, Personally I just feel as though they’re beating around the bush when it comes to providing people with relevant information on how to work from home on a full time basis. I personally feel as though their system is geared around up-selling people and that’s what annoys me about

Final thoughts on is one of the rare sites online where you’ll see with a live chat section where an actual person is there chatting with you live trying to coerce you in to being a paid member. That’s very creative and may create trustworthiness amongst newbies who are interested in working from home. Apart from that I don’t see much value in is average at best and based on their business model I don’t trust them. However that being said don’t let my opinion stop you from giving them a try just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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