Worthless backlinks

I think when most people build website they have the wrong concept in mind. I remember reading an article a long time ago and in it the author said don’t build a website and monetize immediately he went on to say give it three month’s pay attention to what type of traffic you are getting then monetize it. Now personally I didn’t fully agree with that statement i think people should monetize immediately either with infolinks or adsense, but i do understand what he meant.

The Back Link Page Rank Killer

Multiple Backlinks and high page rank can actually hurt your website in the long term if you’re not careful. There are tons of websites online with high page rank but no traffic, there are hundreds of thousands of webmaster online that spent thousands of dollars on Search engine optimization just to find out that their website only gets a few hits per month. If your website doesn’t have what the people are looking for and it’s in a very competitive market, you will most likely waste allot of time and allot of money for nothing.

Understanding Targeted Traffic

If you sell specialty pots for specialty parts link partners that’s really all the backlinks you need, apart from that find a way to concentrate your efforts the marketing aspects of your business. The fastest way to see results is Pay Per Click Marketing. I know allot of you have a fear of risking money but in my opinion wasting money on useless back linking and SEO strategies cost allot more than Pay Per Click marketing ever could. The main problem people have online is that their are to many affiliates and not enough Internet Marketers.

The Difference Between an Internet Marketer and a Affiliate Marketer

A affiliate works hard to make other people rich. An internet marketer works hard to have Property or a trusted brand. Affiliate marketers typically only want the sale. Internet Marketers want to build relationships. Have you ever gone to website that you just like going too?… Well that internet Marketing, have you ever joined something and regretted it well that’s affiliate marketing. Almost all internet marketers participate in affiliate marketing one way or another but good internet marketers won’t sell their souls for a fast buck.

The lesson of this post is unless a back link is being used to find your website it’s WORTHLESS, i see it every week 1 day someone is on the top spot in Google next day they’re no where to be found all that wasted money on Back links only to have their website banned by the number one search engine. Don’t be another victim of worthless back links.