WOW😍 Liberty in Canada is Growing: People’s Party of Canada Reach 800K+ Total Votes #PPC, Per Capita Way higher than Libertarian-Party-USA – September 21, 2021,

I’ll be the first to admit disappointment we weren’t able to capture a single-seat, the People’s Party of Canada appears to be DECENTRALIZED all over Canada, whereas The Green Party and obviously the Bloc Quebecois are more concentrated in particular regions, which equates to more seats.

At their heights the Libertarian Party of America never cracked 5% of total votes, Donald Trump’s populism obviously deflated support for the Libertarian Party of America, but although some PPC supporters might feel disappointed, I’m amazed, not only did the Conservative Party of Canada appear to get more than 250K more total votes than the Liberal Party of Canada, the PPC grew massively in size as well.

For some in Canada, these results might be a disappointment, but I don’t see it that way, as a cheerleader for Liberty 5% is a HUGE number you could literally have 3 large peace and freedom-loving MAJOR cities in Canada with that many people and it’s only been a few years since the creation of the PPC.

The Green Party couldn’t even crack 400,000 votes and look how long that Party has been in existence. Is this a plateau? or could the People’s Party of Canada soon become a threat to the NDP? Voter turnout in Canada is still quite low and the good news about Justin Trudeau as Prime minister as it relates to Liberty is that he’s a corporatist, he’s going to make the WORKING poor in Canada poorer, I’m actually shocked that there are still this many Canadians clueless about what Justin is doing to the Canadian economy, but hey, you can bring a horse to water, can’t make them drink, I’m of the view some people have to learn things the hardway.

The Conservative Party machine is still the most popular Political Party in the country, the Liberals are simply more strategic, so tyranny will continue for the next 4 years, so make sure that you prepare yourself and your family for the worst and spread the message of Liberty.

Leftists destroy economies, but what should concern you is your ability to rebuild it after they do, Pierre Trudeau destroyed Canada’s economy, and it took the corporatists Liberals in the 1990s to shrink government, but even during that era, there were people ignorant of the fact that big government didn’t work, in Ontario we were dumb enough during that era to make the NDP Premier in Ontario, which made our problems in 1990s worsen when the economy crashes there will be a lot of people who fight to keep the government bloated when inflation begins to run rampant in Canada, expect that most Canadians will have no idea as to why it’s happening.

The Deficits don’t matter attitude is pervasive everywhere, especially in the financial sectors that don’t have to build, produce or sell anything, people in the financial sectors, private and public are usually the most oblivious to the real economy because they look at the MACRO picture of the economy.

If you’re a PPC supporter please do your part to spread the message of Liberty!

2021 Federal election results | CBC

Interesting times ahead