Wow This caught me off guard: More than 350 TTC employees fired for failing to comply with COVID vaccine mandate, Government regulations destroying the economy – January 10, 2022


This story caught me off guard, The Toronto Transit Commission(TTC) recently fired more than 350 employees for not complying with the draconian Covid-19 mandates. I live in Toronto and didn’t even think about this. I have friends who work for the City of Toronto, they’re all vaccinated but none of them work for the TTC. For those who don’t know the TTC refers to Toronto’s public transit systems.

So yeah, what I do know is that those public pensions are sweet, so that’s to tell you the unnecessary problems the various levels of the Canadian government are creating for themselves. People don’t forget moments like this in history, many of us remember leaving our parents homes and finally feeling what FREEDOM felt like, well, the heavy hand of government telling you that you’d better do this or that or else, equates to a resentment one can’t put into words.

Are these employees replaceable? Possibly, but it’s indeed a process, and one of the problems government is going to have moving forward is wage INFLATION, because these regulations on the economy are going to lead towards a surge in consumer prices, which obviously equates to workers demanding higher wages. I wonder if one of the reasons some workers rather get fired than take the vax has to do with inflation, because if let’s say you’re engineer, there’s a lot more money to be made in America vs. Canada. Most of the engineers I know left Canada years ago.

Working for the TTC involves a lot of dirty jobs, I’m not entirely sure what types of workers were fired, but if it’s the highly skilled workforce, TTC will have some serious problems moving forward. Because the brain drain in Canada is real, and Ontario lost people last year, the numbers claim people left Ontario for other provinces, maybe? But the people I know left Canada and moved south of border. When you have the skills that pay the bills, you don’t have to live under tyranny.

More than 350 TTC employees fired for failing to comply with COVID vaccine mandate |

Interesting times ahead!