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Wow This Could Be a Huge Negative For The Canadian Economy: Big Six Canadian banks join Mark Carney-led Net-Zero Banking Alliance (Investing In Carbon Credits) – October 16, 2021,

If you haven’t done so yet, you might want to consider reading The Rise of America: Remaking the World Order, by Marin Katusa in which he argues why you may want to consider rethinking how you invest in the future. After reading the article below, what comes to mind for me are carbon credits, because that’s what this move by Canada’s Big Six Banks ultimately means.

I don’t agree with everything Marin Katusa and in fact, his book was a very difficult read for me, because it goes against my personal beliefs. But I’m wrong about a lot of things, so I listen to the smart people with proven track records of success. Now, for most people when they read the article I point to below, I imagine their minds go to doom and gloom, “There’s gold in them thar hills” and “there’s millions in it.” if these globalists are correct.

Where I see problems brewing with these carbon credits schemes, is the cost of living, it’s not like we’re going to just start building a welfare state, what these Net-Zero objective is attempting to build is a welfare state on top of an existing welfare state. There are no austerity measures involved in Mark Carney-led Net-Zero objective, this is champagne socialists at its apex and from my vantage point, it has economic collapse written all over it unless a new revolutionary green innovation comes along?

It can happen, many of us point to nuclear energy as net-zero, but the climate change alarmists want something greener? So, because I’m not an inventory of Green energy, I too am hopeful, but excuse me if I’m also skeptical. I’m a former environmentalist, at one point I was pro-solar bonds, it’s not until I got to see the climate change scams up close and personal that I realized the nefarious people using environmentalism to enrich and empower themselves, that I felt dirty for falling for such a scam.

With that said, the promotion of climate Alarmism has been rather effective, I personally comprehend how many young people feel, when they’re brainwashed into believing the world will end if they don’t take action now and get the government to raise taxes on their parents. Socialism is often most appealing to the young and ignorant, equally using political equity as a better alternative to equality is equally appealing to people who want the government to steal for them.

So in that regard, I comprehend the arguments of Marin Katusa and how carbon credits are going to be huge for a companies bottom line in the future. Where my serious skepticism comes into play is if interest rates are forced upward or if Western Economies start seeing serious signs of economic deflation in which they’ll be forced to cover hide the deflation by printing money.

Already we’re seeing shortages in the economy and this is occurring while the pandemic is turning into a distant memory. I don’t believe in MMT, because money is for me is a reflection of productivity and there’s nothing the government can do about that. This is not a price inflation or deflation thing, it would be a price distortion thing because market prices are entirely different from government price-controlled environments.

MMT is an admission of failure, most of the prices we see in Western economies are distorted, many of us only realize how distorted prices are in western democracies when we travel to third-world countries and realize how many things a U.S dollar can buy there. In many non-western countries, people still imagine the U.S dollar to be as good as Gold and because of a lack of infrastructure in these countries, their markets aren’t burdened by the same regulations we have in Western countries.

In this regard, It wouldn’t surprise me if countries start dumping their local currencies and hoarding U.S dollars, because even if Mark Carney is correct, the third world if they can keep lunatic socialist leaders out, will benefit greatly, from the piles of government regulations that will burden Western businesses.

Big Six banks join Mark Carney-led Net-Zero Banking Alliance |

Interesting times ahead!