Yea that’s what I thought: Cough, cold or COVID-19? Doctors say with symptoms overlapping, it’s impossible to tell – January 5, 2022

Medical professionals I imagine are exhausted at this point and they’re starting to push back against tyranny. If you’ve ever met a Leftist, most are idiots who believe whatever the mainstream media tells them. These people are hard to deal with in any setting, they complain about anything and feel entitled to everything. Similar to the common cold, current strains of Covid-19 for the most part are attacking fat people, people with preexisting conditions, and old people.

Everyone else, for the most part, has been sparred, why then all the craziness? Fiat money and zero percent interest rates. Both Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump sent checks in the mail not to work, debt deferrals became a thing, what would have been a market crash has been delayed, all sorts of people got a taste of welfare, and this, of course, has led to more people convincing themselves that lockdowns work.

With that said, people that have to show up to work are getting tired of all the government mandates and government regulations, a lot of medical professionals have quit, meaning the ones who still remain on the job are probably exhausted. Obviously, there are exceptions to the rule, but let’s call it for what it is, the rule-makers aren’t doing the heavy lifting, they’re merely barking out orders, the labor has to implement these ridiculous mandates and many are simply not showing up to work, because I mean let’s be honest, what’s the reward?

In Quebec their government went to war with the medical community and Justin Trudeau has made it impossible to travel without following government orders, in B.C working in the medical field must feel like hell, and these politicians and rule makers are taking all the credit? Anyway, the article below reads more like a cry to end the madness. Because medical professionals have known this for more than a year now. It’s just that staff shortages are becoming extremely problematic, because remember when you’re short-staffed you have fewer people doing far more tasks, which I assume would lead to fatigue?


Cough, cold or COVID-19? Doctors say with symptoms overlapping, it’s impossible to tell |

Interesting times ahead!