Review – Is it a scam?

Established by internet marketers Dave Dubbs and Kyle Nichols, You Can’t Say No of, is a website that provides training materials for internet marketing and affiliate websites in order to recruit others. Training materials provided by include tutorial videos on making sales, recruitment, and other related skills needed in internet marketing.

More about You Can’t Say No

There are 2 types of membership being offered by the website. The first type is the free version type, which the people behind this concept dubbed as your ‘test drive’. You will be given resources but very limited in a way that making money won’t be as possible with their second type of membership. The other type of membership they have is the paid or pro membership, where you’ll be given tons of resources for internet marketing.

Unlike the free membership, there is a huge potential for paying members to earn from the website. In instance, they will be paid $25/month for every paying member they refer. Once their paying member recruits another paying member, the first level recruiter will be earning $5/month and the cycle continues for the succeeding levels.

Final thoughts on

The website has received mixed feedback from those who have signed up with them. However, there’s a good number of the website’s members who are saying that the website really pays for what it promised. However, you shouldn’t just rely on their testimonies. You have to do your own part by researching for the reputation of the website and whether the opportunity suits you well or not.

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