The Young Turks: #1 Problem for Progressives Explained – By Any Means Necessary? – July 21, 2019,

If you’re wondering where the radicalization of the Left begins, consider watching the video below

By any means necessary, a quote by Malcolm X, eventually the people Malcolm X represented, known as the Nation of Islam turned on him, because Malcolm X mistakenly made a public comment that the Nation of Islam felt wasn’t a correct representation of them. When you get away from the basic economics of life, you end up in the realm of subjectivity. Health Care although some assume can be provided for free by the government has to be delivered by actual human beings who have the right to not only quit their jobs but at some point in time unionize.

Public Sector Unions are perfectly legal in America, Public Sector Unions put workers Rights ahead of consumers or in the case of teachers ahead of the children they’re teaching. Democrats who understand that in a real economy there are tradeoffs for the government intervening in Health Care understand that the Government taking over Health Care in America is a stimulus for big pharma. Being that I’m Canadian, in Canada health care is a lot more expensive than it needs to be and wait times continue to get worse and worse as Doctors and Nurses under increasing pressure and a freeze in their wages either retire as soon as they can, quit or move to America, where their actions as medical professionals aren’t as scrutinized.

The people often ignored in health care are the people medical professionals. Because I come from a family with quite a few medical professionals, I know quite a bit about universal health care and it’s derivatives. It’s interesting that in Canada the people receiving Health Care have a far better experience than a lot of the medical professionals responsible for administering the health care.

Also, in Canada for the record one of the complaints I heard about the most, was waste in the hospitals, because you know when the perception is that the government is paying for the health care, the medical professionals if not managed correctly will be wasteful as will many of patients, because you know it’s free, as this happens and the higher-ups in the hospital realize that the money they got from the government is gone, they then turn to the government for more money and more money and more money, it’s an endless cycle and what separates public and private health care is that Public Health Care is highly reliant on the tax collection that has to come from the Private Sector. So if the private sector has a bad year, the government usually has to print money.

In Canada, for some strange reason, even though Canadians have a better quality of life than Americans, the Canadian dollar is a lot lower than the U.S dollar? As a Canadian, I know the loonie is lower than the Greenback because in order to pay for our bloated public sector we have to manipulate our currency at the expense of our largest trading partner the U.S and hope they remain ignorant to what we’re doing. But make no mistake about, if the Canadian dollar was force to rise, the Canadian economy would crash.

The Canadian housing market didn’t crash when the U.S housing market crashed yet our Central Bank interest rates in Canada are lower than interest rates in the United States. Thank God Americans are too stupid to understand what we’re manipulating our currency and thank God in a lesser degree for idiots like the Young Turks who focus more on social justice and less on basic economics because without these morons manipulating the minds of the young and ignorant my standard of living might decrease.

Although in the video above The Young Turk appears to be trying to label establishment Democrats as the problem, even claiming that some of the democrats are bought and paid for, the truth is that from my perspective, The Young Turks like many Democratic Socialists have a hard time understanding hyper-inflation. Throwing money or growing the size of the Government doesn’t solve social problems. Humans having honest discussions and doing more volunteering involving actual labor solves problems.

Liberal logic = grow the government as large as possible and then fight like hell against austerity measures LMAO!

Interesting times ahead!