The Young Turks Founder Cenk Uygur urged staffers not to unionize because it wouldn’t help a “smaller digital media company” – February 25, 2020,

I grew up in an era in which if you stood for something, you stood by it no matter what, n my era, even if your ide was crazy, if you wanted people to believe in you, you embodied the world you wanted. I actually have to give credit to Ben Shapiro on this one, because to be honest, I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. If you haven’t done so already consider watching the Youtube video below:

Cenk Uygur Exposes himself as the Biggest Hypocrite Ever | Youtube Ben Shapiro

So, yeah, after doing my own research it turns out the Young Turks founder Cenk Uygur considers his growing media empire small? It might amaze people to know that the richest person in the world is actually Vladimir Putin. Make no mistake about it, Putin has more money and more power than Democrat hopeful Bloomberg, because in Communist countries all profits made by the people are collectively owned by the head of the Government. Although Russia differs from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, it’s still derived from it.

Most socialists tend to evolve into economic Fascists, Although ost people associate Fascism with racism, Fascism economically is Democratic Socialism. The select few in power get to choose who wins and who loses economically. All forms of collectivist ideologies, revolve around power being held in an unchallenged selected group of individuals. Unlike capitalism where the consumers decide who wins and who loses, in collectivists, whoever forms government decides who wins and who loses.

Often the case with Democratic socialists is that they’re shocked when the rules they advocate for are then turned on them. I’m certain The Young Turks Founder Cenk Uygur felt that because he as a leader was on the side of the people that those people would that he selected as economic winners in his America would never seek to improve their economic standing.

Humans are humans, humans do all manners of things to come to immigrate to America, not because of American and, but because of what America represents, life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, happiness usually being the pursuit of Property. The Young Turks as a brand is a form of property and because Cenk Uygur subscribes to collectivism, why shouldn’t his employees? I mean come on Cenk “You didn’t build that”

Young Turks founder Cenk Uygur says a union would hurt progressive outlet |

With all of the money, Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks are making I’m shocked they don’t have a union already. The only reason I researched the company was because I assumed Cenk Uygur ay have been talking about another company he owned. Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks are making a lot of money, but I’m sure in Cenk Uygur’s mind they’re not making enough to Unionize.

Recently in Canada, KFC closed a number of its stores because of Unions and upticks in the Minimum wage. I found it odd the choice of words, Cenk Uygur used as his reasoning for why his staff shouldn’t unionize? Below is what Cenk said, which is just pathetic, based on his political position.

“He said if there had been a union at the network it would not have grown the way it has,”

The Young Turks’ Progressive Founder Urged His Staff Not To Unionize |

He would have been better off saying nothing! When businesses have to adhere to higher minimum wages and other government regulations, those small businesses are just supposed to shut up and take it, but you see because of Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks are political, they and their business is more important than the rest of us.

As a free human being, if you have a hero, make sure you exercise your right to analyze said hero for what they are and not what you imagine them to be!

Interesting times ahead!