You’re getting a preview of what would happen if Interest Rates were NORMALIZED: Bitcoin falls below $30,000USD, World is still not ready for Austerity Measures, so get prepared – May 11, 2022,

The Federal Reserve recently raised interest rates to combat inflation and because so many companies and entities are in debt positions, they’re being forced to sell at a loss. a Stable coin recently lost its dollar peg for the SECOND TIME IN 48 hours. Can they solve this problem? I don’t know🤷. What I do know is that there might be a Gold and Silver buying opportunity of a lifetime approaching, and you’d better be ready, because it might be the last one as I think following this Gold and Silver sale, the price of Gold and Silver is going to reach record highs.

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Gold and Silver hitting record lows? WTF are you talking about?

Why do I expect Gold and Silver because a lot of people are in bad debt positions, and they’re going to have liquidate some of their holdings. You’re right ofcourse none of this makes sense, UNTIL you comprehend that there is still CONFIDENCE in the U.S dollar. What Joe Biden and the Democrats are going to eventually figure out is that all countries want the U.S dollar hegemony to continue, why? Because most developed nations, pay for their welfare State by debasing their currency to the Greenback.

When was the last time you saw life-altering innovations coming out of Europe? If you answered not my lifetime, you’d probably be right, why doesn’t Europe innovate like the United States? Because everything is inflated in Europe, in fact, to innovate and enrich yourself in Europe, is welcoming Big Government into your life.

So the average European aims to be upper-middle-class, not rich. Why should people inspire to be rich? Because THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO MONEY! The U.S is in RECORD LEVELS of debt, not only does the government have no money it embraces a lot of DUMB IDEAS! Right now in most parts of the developed world, democratically elected governments have been asked BY THE PEOPLE to control the weather.

Climate change is a real thing, even Conservatives have to make “climate change” part of their political platform. What is climate change politically? It’s a wealth redistribution scheme, that the government uses to funnel confidence money to entities, it convinces the voters will curb the climate crisis. Now, this big government equates to permanent higher costs of living, which require asset prices to grow higher.

First and foremost how did we get here in the first place? Because interest rates have been stuck near zero for nearly 20 years, the reasoning for keeping interest rates so low was to get people to spend more money. Well, malinvestment took over this economy, it’s laughable that Bitcoin reached $30,000, to begin with, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it reached $100,000 or $1,000, because until I see austerity measures, deflation is going to take over this economy until the market can properly revalue prices based on the new normal.

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In the meantime, you’re going to get a lot of investors who still imagine the U.S Federal Reserve and the U.S Federal Government are in control of things. This is why as an example of there’s some stimulus spending from the Federal government, asset prices might rise, or if the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates assets may also rise, temporarily.

Consumer prices are rising because COSTS of doing business are rising, but you see most people are dumb and they don’t want to accept that the government needs to get out of the way, so what may happen are calls for the government to get more involved in the markets to manipulate prices and this is where the Gold and Silver buying opportunity of a lifetime might happen.

I do think the price of Gold and Silver is going to drop for a long period of time, but I do think it’s going to drop to 20-year lows and you’re going to have to discover where the bottom is for you because I personally believe after the price drops it’s going to go on a historic run, once it’s evident that higher prices are the new normal.

Again austerity measures are not on the horizon, I don’t see any calls for shrinking government, I do hear calls to change government leadership, but not many calls to shrink it. We’re looking at a potential new normal and before people accept the new normal they’re going to kick and scream. What the new price of Gold and Silver will be symbolizing are PERMANENTLY HIGHER PRODUCTION COSTS!

Regarding crypto, if I’m to be honest, the subject bores me, but what I like about crypto is that it trades 24/7/365 so it’s a preview of people’s debt positions. Crypto doesn’t tell the whole story, but it does give you a glimpse of how overleveraged people are and this is something you should monitor closely.

Because even if there’s some sort of government stimulus, the price of Bitcoin can give a great preview of how much money people have out there to pump up the markets. You have to remember that higher consumer prices equate to it costing more money to purchase FEWER goods and services. Meaning that people have to borrow more or take on more risk just to be solvent.

The problem with going into debt for most people is they always need another hit, remember that in many ways, debtors never had to SAVE for a rainy day, they never worked on their sales skills, many of these traders are gamblers. Investing is not gambling, it’s investing, it’s imagining a future based on market conditions and positioning yourself AHEAD of time to profit from them.

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Interesting times ahead!