Zbiddy Review is it a scam

Before getting into penny auction websites it’s important that you understand what you’re getting yourself into. The first thing I want to explain is that NOTHING on a penny auction website is being sold for pennies. The “penny” in penny auctions is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. The term “penny” could easily have been replaced with “points”, tokens, rewards etc. That being said before signing up I personally recommend reading the zbiddy.com terms of service, their “how it works section and also their “FAQ”. The truth of the matter is penny auction websites are very much like gambling.

Is Zbiddy a scam?

Personally I wouldn’t call Zbiddy.com a scam unless they’re not shipping their items to the winners of their auctions. On that note I wrote this post to that people could write down their complaints below. Be very careful trusting most of these so called zbiddy reviews sites. The reason I say this is that many of the sites giving zbiddy.com a positive review are being paid to do so. That’s why I said before signing up make sure that you read the fine print that way you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into.

Is zbiddy safe and is zbiddy worth it?

Personally I’m not a fan of penny auction websites. Yes there will be winners but for every winner there will be a bunch of losers. Plus the truth of the of the matter is that you have to measure the amount of money you paid for “bid package” in the instance of zbiddy the cheapest bid package that I was shown was $59. What this means in this instance is unless the item(s) you won costs more than $59 you basically got ripped off. One that note zbiddy.com does use high tech encryption software so to answer the question is zbiddy safe to use your credit card? at the moment it does appear safe. That being said be careful to choose your desired bid pack because I’m seeing zbiddy complaints popping with people getting unsuspecting charges on their credit cards.

Final thoughts on Zbiddy.com

Personally I would avoid using zbiddy.com and any other penny auction website for that matter. In my opinion they’re very time consuming and also very risky. Also like I said before nothing on a penny auction website is being sold for a penny. It cost each user 60 cents per bid so the term penny is nothing more than a marketing gimmick used to lure people to zbiddy.com. All this being said I don’t like telling people what to do so I won’t tell you just make sure that if you decide to sign up that you read the fine print so that your experience will be a lot better

Please leave your comments complaints or any issues that you might have with zbiddy.com below by sharing you help others.

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