ZeekRewards.com Review – Is it a scam?

ZeekRewards.com is a website that provides new business opportunity. It combines the functionality of the penny auction site and profit sharing opportunity. Just like any typical penny auction site, ZeekRewards charges its users for every bid they placed on the auction.

Penny auction sites normally earn through the bid packs they sell to the members. Every bid is often sold between fifty and seventy-five cents each. A small part of the fees goes to the website’s operational costs and the rest as the website’s profit.

How ZeekRewards.com Works

Although ZeekRewards has almost the same functionality as with penny auction websites, it’s really not a penny auction website. It’s actually a private, invitation-only, affiliate advertising division of Zeekler.com. It is where associates can earn rewards depending on the number of retail bids they sell and VIP bids purchased and give away as samples.

As mentioned, you simply can’t join the website by signing up; you have to be invited by an existing affiliate to become a member. But being a member doesn’t immediately entitle you to profit sharing. To be eligible for profit sharing, you have to subscribe to their Premium Business Center where it has 3 levels: Silver for $10/month, Gold for $50/month, and Diamond for $99/month.

Once you subscribe, you can purchase their VIP bids which can be given away as samples to prospective Zeekler users or sell retail bids to new users of Zeekler. Also, in order to fully qualify for profit sharing, you need to place an ad of Zeekler.com once a day using ZeekRewards back office.

At the end of each day, the company determines its overall revenue and shares up to 50% of its net profits to its qualified affiliates. Profit shares of affiliates will be based on their VIP Profit Points.

Final thoughts on ZeekRewards.com

ZeekRewards.com is not your typical penny auction or money-making website.  The complexity of its system may not suit those who wanted to see immediate results. Also, with their compensation plan, it can be difficult to recruit affiliates and thus, may take some time to reap desirable profit shares.

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