Zhou Jiaying(Kimberly Newell), a Canadian-born member of the Chinese women’s hockey team barred from speaking English during the 2022 Olympic press conference, The Chinese Communist Party is PATHETIC – February 11, 2022,

Both Canada and America have athletes that defected to play for Communist China and if I’m, to be honest, I completely understand why. As an example, Chris Chelios’ son is playing for China at the Olympics, though you won’t see the Chelios name on the roster. His Chinese name is Jieke Kailiaosi and no, neither of his parents are Chinese, he merely what’s access to the Chinese market, to potentially enrich himself with money and/or popularity.

The most famous U.S defector is Eileen Gu, on the Olympic program, she s known as Gu Ailing, a freestyle skier who has said she chose to represent China because she thought she could have a bigger impact as a role model?

North American-born Chinese Olympians get chance to shine | abcnews
China is fielding naturalized athletes at the Beijing Games in an effort to popularize winter sports and be represented across the Olympic program

To put this in its proper context is to understand the influence Left-Wing politics has had on a lot of young people’s lives. First and foremost, the elephant in the room is how does a communist country compete economically with the United States and Canada? The answer is simple, Left-Wing politics, not only is the Chinese business market doing better economically than the U.S and Canada, Canadian Left Wingers have done a good job promoting scams like political Climate change, to worsen their economic woes.

Political climate change equates to a carbon tax, something that doesn’t exist in China, these Carbon taxes, make it more difficult to manufacture things in North America, furthermore, China doesn’t have the massive welfare state that exists in both Canada and the United States, meaning that the cost of doing business is lower in China, meaning that fewer Chinese dollars go to subsidizing Chinese people that contribute NOTHING to the Chinese economy. In Canada and America, you have people contributing NOTHING to their countries’ economies, getting free money.

I should also point out that China has Special economic zones (SEZs), which serve as free market-oriented economic policies and flexible governmental measures by the Communist government, that make China more competitive economically than many regions in both Canada and America. Now, if you’re a young person observing the rise of China, noticing that China is producing a lot of rich people, and you’re being told Western nations like Canada and the United States are hopelessly racist, communist China doesn’t seem like such a bad alternative?

Once a young person buys into something, it’s often hard to convince them to abandon it, especially when Left-Wingers and the mainstream media in Western nations normalize tyranny and convince young people that Liberty and Freedom are racist. The Chinese Communist Party(CPP) is pathetic and insecure, but so are the Left-Wingers in western nations, who at present dominate the media and the narrative.

I will not be watching the Olympics! But I’m also not going to be unfair to young people. Brainwashing is real and there are a lot of people in Western nations being brainwashed by Left-Wing politics. How do we fix this? You have to speak out continuously and EDUCATE young people about the differences between liberty-freedom and Communism.

Canadian-born Chinese Olympic goalie barred from speaking English in press conference | yahoo.com

Interesting times ahead!