ziinga.com Review Is It a Scam

Ziinga.com is a penny auction website its one of the largest penny auction websites online. Personally i am not a fan of the penny auction industry. I personally look at it like gambling, Now there’s nothing wrong with gambling but i just don’t see the need to gamble when it comes to shopping. If i’m going to gamble i would prefer gambling for MONEY.

Is it really a penny Auction

When i first heard about online Penny Auctions the first thought that came to my mind was each bid costs a penny. So if i placed a bid it would only cost me a penny. This is never the case i live in the United States and one think i know is the British pound is worth more the U.S dollar that being said i could not believe when i saw £ 0.84 per bid(10 Bid Package) to me that is a ridiculous price to pay per bid. What i’m getting at here is although the value of the item is going up per penny the consumer is paying in this case £ 0.84 per bid.

Reading The Terms and Conditions

I know most people don’t like doing this but i recommend reading the terms and conditions otherwise known as the fine print before giving out your credit card. Whenever i pay money for something i like to have a degree of control. So after reading the Ziinga.com terms and conditions i have to honestly say that i would never sign up for a penny auction. Remember you are paying per bid now i want you to read this passage below

Disruptions in service
Occasionally there may be service disruptions that are beyond Ziinga’s control. In such cases, ongoing auctions will be temporarily suspended and the highest bid will remain as before. Auctions will resume once technical errors have been resolved. Ziinga reserves the right to change the date or time of an auction’s close should unplanned disruptions occur. Users bidding on temporarily suspended auctions will not be entitled to a refund for bids.

another section you might want to read is the bidding section of terms and conditions “A user can win 2 auctions in a 14 day rolling period” penny auctions make no sense to me on so many levels. A person might also want to look at the time spent factor. Penny auctions can become very time consuming and you can spend money at a penny auction website and leave empty handed. If you’re going to play my personal advice is to have fun, i don’t recommend joining any penny auction website but this is only my opinion.

Part of the reason i wrote this post is to hear feedback from people about Ziinga.com please share your personal experiences by sharing you help other people.