1and1.com Review

1and1.com is good domain and hosting provider but in order to get their cheap domain name service they require you to host your site with them for 1 full year. Although this is a good deal compared to some hosting and domain name providers it isn’t a great deal to me. because for mess than $25 a yer you can purchase a domain name and get hosting.

Like 10n1.com this domain name service also comes with free privacy protection which keeps spammers from taking your email address and also keeps telemarketers and fraudsters from stealing your personal information. Why Is this important if someone we’re to type Who Is into google and you did not have privacy domain protection on your domain name a person could easily find out where you live and a bunch of information on you. Information like your whole name, your address your phone number and you email address.

10n1.com is good service but I find Name Cheap to be better for buying domain names. Name Cheap also comes with privacy protection free for the first year and Name Cheap doesn’t require you to host with them to get this service. On the topic of web hosting 1&1 web hosting does not have the best internet hosting and one and one web hosting isn’t known to give any person and any company outstanding results that being said until your web site explodes with visitors why not get more affordable hosting.

How does $4.95 per month sound for hosting. along with this cost effective hosting how about live customer service help support and 24 hour toll free technical phone support HostGator provides both and along with Name Cheap fast Nameserver changes you can have you website up and running possibly within 10 minutes.

So for under $25 you can have a website online within a few minutes today. So although 1on1.com is a good service i think by combining Name Cheap and HostGator you save a lot more money and can get the same web site hosting for a lot less. My recommendation comes because i have been with both companies for several years. When getting a domain and also purchasing hosting the number one thing you want to consider is price and flexibility i am heading into year 11 online.

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