Review – Is it a scam?

ABC Fundraising, which you can check out at, is among the fundraising product suppliers in the United States. The company claims to be a member of the Better Business Bureau with an “A” rating. It further claims that its products have helped over 50,000 schools, churches, non profits, youth groups, sports teams, fraternities, college fundraisers, and countless organizations.

According to its sales page, ABC Fundraising provides free sample package. It also ensures you that you can earn up to 97.6% without upfront money. You can simply contact ABC Fundraising to request for your sample package.

More about ABC Fundraising

ABC Fundraising offers a variety of fundraising products including the Cookie Dough Fundraiser, Spinners, Scratch and Help Fundraiser, Discount Card Fundraiser, and Candle Fundraiser.

The Cookie Dough Fundraiser helps you earn up to 80% profit. This is one of the best packages that could help high school students in their fundraising activity. The Spinners Fundraising is the only reusable fundraising product that according to the company can help member earn up to $210. The Scratch and Help Fundraiser, which is the longest fundraising product of the site, is recommended for Cheerleader Fundraising and other org’s activities while the Candle Fundraiser is ideal for those who want to get crafty and earn profit at the same time from candles.

Final thoughts on

Fundraising is a great way to build funds for a certain cause. However, before you get into any of the products offered by fundraising companies like ABC Fundraising, you better do your independent search to determine whether it’s a legit one and to find out if it suits your needs.

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