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My name is Steven Porter owner of, currently has 125 x 125 banner advertisement placements for $30 per month

These banner advertisements will be placed to your bottom right hand corner on the side bar.
Your banner advertisement will open in a new window and your banner advertisement placement may be shared with up to 6 other advertisers.

Animated banner “gif” request might be denied and reserves the right to deny any banner placement on the the website.

For the safety of the visitor all Banner advertisement images will be hosted by

Banner advertisements must be in the following image formats “.jpg, .gif and .png “

If in any event we deny your 125 x 125 advertisement request we will promptly refund your money.


However if your banner is excepted Any Refund Request made by the payee after purchase will not be honored.

The side banner advertisement is only available on a subscription basis.

The advertiser has the right to cancel their subscription at any time by visiting Paypal and canceling their subscription.

If the advertiser cancels their subscription prior to their 30 day placement will still display the advertisers Advertisement for 30 days as agreed upon unless specified otherwise by the advertiser.

If you the advertiser choose not to cancel your 125 x 125 banner advertisement subscription will continue to withdraw $30 from your Paypal account on a monthly basis and also continue to display your banner advertisement in the spot given you for the time specified.

Currently does not offer preferred placement to any advertiser and placement of ads are based on a first come first serve basis.

At the date you’re reading this currently receives over 20,000 unique hits per month. visitors are mainly from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Last month received the following stats from Google Analytics please review before making your purchase.

27,621 Visits
25,946 Unique Visitors
33,603 Pageviews
After purchase please type in your banner in the box below
Thank for considering advertising we wish you much success

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