The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

After Justin Trudeau’s Government is Defeated The Federal Emergencies Act Should Allow The People To Arrest The Sitting Prime Minister For Breaching The Emergencies Act – February 15, 2022,

Justin Trudeau decided not to talk with the Peaceful Protestors, instead, forcing Doug Ford, other Premiers, law enforcement, and even mayors to do all of his dirty work.  Please, excuse me for writing this, but I have to write it to prove my point. If let’s say, Justin Trudeau sat down with the Freedom Convoy protestors in front of the media, and all of Canada was able to see a dialogue between Trudeau and the protestors, I’m pretty sure Canada and the world may have been more sympathetic towards Trudeau.

But Trudeau instead decided to hurl insults from a distance and unfortunately for Trudeau, the media found it difficult to tie anything he was saying to the protestors. Regarding the economy, Doug Ford got the border situation under control, the Ambassador Bridge is PRIVATE PROPERTY, regarding border crossings that belong to the PUBLIC, that’s something different entirely, when the Environmentalists staged their crime-riddled protests, The Federal Emergencies Act wasn’t even considered by Trudeau, meaning that Trudeau should be tried for TREASON because one could make the argument that Trudeau is criminalizing is political opposition.

As a leader of a country, you outclass your opposition you don’t criminalize them, we have a democracy, and Trudeau has proven to be a very good debater. Because Trudeau imagines himself to be wrong, one can assume he’s all of sudden become childish and cowardly.

Moving forward, this should be a campaign promise for any Politician seeking to be Canada’s next Prime Minister. The people should be allowed to Arrest and Trial a sitting Prime Minister if that Sitting Prime Minister UNLAWFULLY give themselves dictatorial powers under false grounds. Because I’m not a lawyer or a law professional, it would be best for a legal professional to take this idea and bring this idea to the people of Canada in a manner that aligns with Canadian law.

What Trudeau has done to this country, the embarrassment he’s caused is completely unacceptable, he’s turned our country, our people into a laughing stock, for the world to observe. This is very divisive as of today’s date, most Canadians don’t even know what to think, there are no bombs, no terroristic threats, this was a protest, if a Conservative becomes the next Prime Minister, almost immediately their might be environmental protests? Are we going to have an Emergencies Act to stop them?

The real culprit in all of this is that Trudeau decided not only not to talk with the protestors, he also hurled insults at them. To top it off, because law enforcement found no reason to arrest the peaceful protestors, Trudeau’s first response wasn’t to use diplomacy, his first instinct was to use FORCE, NOT JUST ANY FORCE, he made himself a dictator!

Completely unacceptable and I hope those of you in the legal profession can create a professional version of my proposal. What Justin Trudeau did to this country is completely unacceptable, he has a minority Government, at best 1/3 of VOTERS voted for him. You have to remember that fewer people showed up to vote for this man in 2022, and this was after he sent Canadians free money. That’s how unpopular this man is in Canada, he can’t even pay people to like him, yet he wants dictatorial powers because he imagines it beneath him to have a dialogue with peaceful protestors he doesn’t agree with.

We have great police officers in this country, if they found a LAWFUL reason to stop the protestors, they’d do so. To any of you legal professionals I hope you can draft something to make sure what Trudeau did to the country I love, NEVER happens again.

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