Alberta Secession: How a 2019 Justin Trudeau Liberal Victory Will Reshape Canadian Politics Forever – August 25, 2019,

Now, most Conservatives, most Right-wingers, most Libertarians may disagree with me on this, but I don’t disagree with the Polls Adsense filled polls. Although I find it odd that a polling company would Adsense to sustain itself, I don’t question their findings nor do I necessarily believe their a scam. Often times what I notice about Conservatives or Right-Wingers is that they live in an echo chamber, often not leaving their places of comfort.

The latest 338Canada projection: The Liberals keep hanging on By Philippe J. Fournier –

For Left-wingers, Knowledge isn’t power, controlling the narrative is Power, in the minds of most Leftists they expect Politicians to be corrupt, Leftists also put the subject of economics near the bottom of issues they expect a Politician to manage. This is why I personally believe that the future of the world belongs to the people who believe in Individualism or Austrian economics. I actually think new nations in the future will be form based on Austrian economic principles, however… We’re not there yet, in the meantime, Leftists have to do everything in the hear and now to hang onto power.

Fortunately, for people on the Right Left-wingers are having to go further and further Left in order to hold onto power and this is hurting their credibility. With that said, a large portion of Canadians still do not use the internet for educational purposes, there still are a vast amount of Canadians who consume mainstream media(MSM) propaganda as gospel and unfortunately for these people more and more people are waking up to Individualism, which is basically personal responsibility.

Canada has a Public Sector disaster that’s on its way and there’s no avoiding especially if Justin Trudeau’s policies become the norm in Canadian society.

Technological Advancements are making Leftism and Welfare Useless!

In case you haven’t noticed, the standard of living in the Western World is so great, that if the currency deflated, it would actually be a net benefit for the poor. Technology has actually eliminated food scarcity, the world wastes more food than it consumes, so you might ask, why are there poor countries in the world? Countries are poor because of Leftist politicians. There are ignorant statements being made by people that say Africans are poor because they have lower IQ’s, that’s complete nonsense, Africans are poor because if you look at the politics in every single African nation, SOCIALISM and some form of protectionism is their political philosophy.

Now, the better question one should ask is why are so many African nations embracing Progressive Politics? Because they’re following the examples of their former EUROPEAN colonizers. People don’t listen they follow what you do. Communist China, a lot of people have no clue where China’s wealth comes from, MAINLAND China’s wealth is mostly derived from their FREE MARKET ZONES(Special economic zones)! Yes, I know Wikipedia isn’t always accurate but consider reading the article below:

Special economic zones of China – Special economic zones of China (SEZs) – Wikipedia

Special economic zones of China – Special economic zones of China (SEZs) are special economic zones located in mainland China. The government of China gives SEZs special (more free-market-oriented) economic policies and flexible governmental measures, compared to the more planned economy of most of China. This allows SEZs to utilize an economic management system that is more attractive for foreign and domestic firms to do business in than the rest of mainland China.

Now, if you go to most Communist or Socialist declining sh*t holes, you’ll notice that those countries Socialist or even Conservative politicians have no such “Special economic zones” which equates to most of the people reliant on Government policies to do any form of foreign transactions. Being that most countries in Latin America as an example are also very socialist, they too struggle with growth, the European Union was formed primarily because most European nations independently aren’t financially stable. Once government gets big enough and people see big government appearing to work for more than a decade, the people, the voter will often reject any and all forms of austerity measures.

Now, being that we in Canada are FORTUNATE enough to speak a Germanic derived language like English, most of us Englis speakers know the importance of debate. Now, if there’s an actual real-life no-hold-bars debate regarding Keynesian economics vs. Austrian economics, it’s not even close, Austrian economics win every time. However, in practice, once the government via central banking is able to control the money supply a book titled: “The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money” starts to have a valid argument.

The problem, however, is that Money historically has always been a commodity, as many people know, I could care less what money is backed by, at the end of the day when you’re building and maintaining a nation, the most important component is how big is your government. Where the money comes in is that money manipulation can create all sorts of economic vampires who will use the force of the Government for their own personal gain.

Commonly these are referred to as Lobby Groups. Now, eventually, there reaches a point where the commodities of an economy aren’t reflective of their currency, this is of course, what fuels money printing and debt.

The New Reality of Canada when Justin Trudeau wins the 2019 Federal election

Now, being that I’m a firm believer in individualism, most right-wingers who may even disagree with me, understand the point I’m making. Canada’s main commodity is Oil it also used to be manufacturing, however, political policies have made Canada a not so desirable place to set up a factory, especially a small scale factory. This, of course, makes Canada more reliant on Imports, imports put a serious strain on our Currency. Being reliant on other nations to even keep your own machines operational, never a wise idea if you ask me. I think people forget that African countries similar to Canada have a lot of protectionist laws.

There are serious restrictions on land purchases in Nigeria, an outsider can’t simply purchase land in Ghana, this practice is very common in Latin America also, in Venezuela one of the main reasons their economy crashed, was Nationalization. Once a government is willing to Nationalise something that was once privately owned, it’s a sign to the PRIVATE sector that a countries Public Sector isn’t unwilling to talk frankly to its people about how a countries wealth is derived. Being on pristine land doesn’t make your country wealth. Wealth can’t exist in the Public Sector, people tend to forget that any wealth that the public sector has comes from the Private Sector.

Venezuelan oil became worthless because it was nationalized, Government-owned, once a commodity is no longer private and is now Public, it’s lost its value, it now becomes a part of nature and from that point, people will fight for it to be priceless. If anyone dares destroy Canadian waters, I would stand up against that, I agree that all of the public should benefit from it, but what about the pipes and plumbing that brings the water into yours and my home? Should that labour that maintains this be compensated? Of course, they should and if they’re not won’t the entire infrastructure around it eventually fall apart? Of course, it will.

Well, Alberta has been carrying the Canadian economy for many years now, the Canadian dollar in many ways is a Petro-Dollar, you can hate the fact that the Canadian dollar is a Petro-Dollar all you want but if Canada is no longer viewed as Commodity based country, what are we? a Social justice based country? a Multicultural country? A real estate bubble country? A debt servicing country? Market wise what are we? Now, a lot of Canadians visualize themselves as better than the Americans, but on a global scale, one of the main reasons the U.S dollar maintains its value is what the U.S Military does for the entire planet.

Pull the U.S military out of certain regions and I guarantee you, you’ll see an immediate increase in Pirates. Pull the U.S military out of many regions around the globe and you’ll see an immediate rise in human rights violations. Now, long term is this sustainable for America? Of course not, but I’m trying to make the reader understand why America still has the worlds reserve currency. Canada, as a country we’re nowhere near as important to the world as America is, which is why historically, even with Liberal Politicians, a focus on the economy was a huge part to what made them successful. Sure most Canadian Liberals are Keynesians, but at least in years past a large portion of them were smart.

Economically even the mainstream media will tell you Justin Trudeau’s weakness is the economy. Life in Alberta differs from most other parts in Canada. Most Canadians couldn’t handle a week of working in those Albertan oil fields. Yet, currently, primarily because of equalization payments, the Albertan economy is having a very difficult time sustaining itself. Now, let me make something clear, Alberta isn’t exactly a Free market either, but it has a freer market than the rest of Canada.

How voter turnout might affect who wins in October By Éric Grenier – CBC

What this actually means is if Alberta has a serious economic downturn the Albertans who paid via equalization payments to keep Eastern Canada solvent will never be able to benefit to the same degree Eastern Canada has benefited when their Albertan economy really starts to suffer. I’m not sure if people ever looked at who the beneficiary of equalization payments are, however, provinces like Quebec during a nationwide recession won’t be able to reimburse Alberta. Because the Quebec Public Sector has no plans to shrink and Quebecers have no plans to change. As a matter, a fact and I’ve said this before, watch out for Quebec’s real estate boom, because what I’m hearing is that Quebecers want the government to intervene. Government intervention into anything requires growing the size of government, this, of course, requires more tax dollars, the Province of Quebec is beyond bankrupt, Quebec is so bankrupt they don’t even try to be solvent anymore.

Because ONTARIO is bankrupt, recently Ontario Premier Doug Ford wanted to make cuts to francophone services and scrap plans to build a French university as part of a plan to balance the budget, well the response of the current Premier of Bankrupt Quebec François Legault said he was “disappointed” and not supportive of the idea, and eventually under political pressure Doug Ford backed down from cutting French services in predominantly English speaking Ontario, because you know if Ontario is bankrupt and can’t pay its bills they can always turn to Western Canada to service the shortfall.

Ford government backtracks on some cuts affecting Ontario francophones – CBC

The point I’m trying to drive home on this blog post is I expect Justin Trudeau to win the 2019 election, but unfortunately for Trudeau, if he wins, the pain, a large portion of Canadians will feel, knowing they have to see this man for another 4 years will be so great, that things like the Alberta Secession movement will become mainstream and that’s something that can’t be ignored. Cost of living is becoming a serious problem in Canada and the problem with Central banking and Keynesian economics is that as the money cheapens the prices for private sector services go up.

Sure a politician can complain about prices, but companies can simply leave, and unlike times past when a company leaves Canada because the barrier of entry is so high, it becomes increasingly more difficult to find an equivalent replacement. This is of course what corporatism is all about, merging Corporate and Government together, this is actually why the NDP was formed because Corporatism has always been the vision the Liberal Party of Canada had for this country. I’m still amazed at how many Canadians don’t question where the Carbon tax dollars go?

Again, if Canada is reliant on imports in a heavily regulated, protectionist environment, prices go up. Can Trudeau play politics with his environmentalist lobby? I doubt it, as I’ve stated before I expect the Green Party to replace the NDP and the Green Party is a Liberal nightmare because the Green Party is anti-pipeline and if Trudeau appeases Western Canada, he’s still not going to get their vote and he’ll lose the Green Party support. This is why I’ve stated time and time again that I expect Maxime Bernier to be a serious threat in the 2023 election, however, if I were an Albertan I’d start to support Maxime Bernier now, and accept the fact that Trudeau might win the election.

It’s real, a large chunk of Canada’s young people have been brainwashed by climate change. When I was younger, we were brainwashed by recycling, being that most people don’t know that most of what we think is being recycled isn’t Canadians still ignorantly prop up their government’s inefficiently run recycling services. Now in a free market, there would be plenty of privately owned recycling facilities that would find ways to profit from recycling, you’ll often see this in America, but in Canada, we often sell our recycling to places like the Philippines, because we’ve priced most manufacturing companies out of existence.

Just to give you an idea, if the cost of doing business in Canada wasn’t so expensive, a lot of those plastic beverage based things you consume, would probably be made with glass. People forget that Plastic bottles have ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid that leak into your beverages. But plastic is cheaper to produce than glass and because most Canadians don’t understand recycling as a business, nor do Canadians understand how minimum wages distort market prices the average Canadian has no idea how socialism is destroying what should be the most prosperous times in Canadian history.

The only time Socialism has value is after a WAR. What most people hate about Capitalism and a free market is price fluctuations. In capitalism, a bank can fail and everyone who put their money in a certain bank can lose their money. YES, this happens in capitalism, Capitalism, as it relates to wage earners in an actual free market, wages can fluctuate. Income taxes are the most coveted taxes by most governments, however, minimum wages are actual market distortions. In a free market everything fluctuates based on performance, the truth is most businesses go bankrupt because of government policies. In an actual free market, people will change their spending patterns based on their successes in the market place.

Why modern-day governments don’t like this is that they lose control of the narrative. If let’s say the government didn’t create minimum wages or if the government didn’t have wage standards, imagine that instead of the employer taking income taxes right out of someones paycheck, instead the employee had to go to a government office and pay their income taxes at the end of the year or be locked up in prison, what would public perception be of the government? What would the public perception be of wages? I remind people that wages are simple government taxation terms, an employer can actually pay its employees in a different manner, an employer can even make an employee a partner, however, the employee would lose the benefits of being an income tax contributor.

Being an income tax contributor allows you to pay a higher taxation rate, which allows the government to offer more public services. Labour unions who in Canada work with Government, would rather employee and employer argue because Labour unions can only add value to wage earners, unions also prefer big corporations and a big government, because they make more money and get more power that way.

Collectivism breeds collectivism and collectivism is very expensive on the consumer and it also makes life unnecessarily expensive for the small and medium-sized business person. However, the number one thing creating wage slaves does is it shrinks peoples perception of how wealth is created. Most wealthy people don’t work for Wages, why? Because wage earners are taxed at the highest level. Income taxes are the most valuable to a government, so producing wage earners is most important to Government. But unfortunately, Government wage earners, as well as big corporation based wage earners, give big government types incorrection assumptions about future economic stability. A lot of store closures in Canada, GM left and Government or Crown Corporation Income taxes are derived from Government coughers which only exist because of Private Sector workers.

Because most Leftist, believe in having a thought leader, most Leftist have a hard time understanding how the Government rips them off. Now, why I bring this up in this article is because there’s a global shift happening that’s going to hit Leftist by surprise. Trudeau is actually a representation of the extreme Left, however, you’d need to be able to comprehend the Individualist argument to fully grasp the economic disaster he’s already caused.

Maybe it’s because of mass migration into Canada, I’m not sure, but there’s a lot of Canadians who are consuming mainstream media economics and those of us on the political right are getting younger and younger every year. I began this blog post talking about money is a commodity, well younger generations aren’t going to want to be WAGE SLAVES and the generation that want’s to break free of Wage Slavery is beginning to entering adulthood, all they have to do is not do what the baby boomers did and this Liberal madness ends! I’ve met quite a few young people who graduated college, felt that feeling of accomplishment and are saying openly they’re going to be wage slaves!

Public Servants, for the most part, are wage slaves, the Albertan Session movement that I anticipate will become a national discussion if Trudeau wins a second term is going to open up a pandora’s box of new ideas, that many Canadians to date haven’t even thought about! Does an Alberta Sessionist movement sound silly to you? Well, how silly will it sound if Saskatchewan joins in? How silly will Albertan Session sound when the Mainstream media has to explain to Canadians how Alberta has been financing our standard of living, how silly will it sound when word gets out that the country that contributes most to Canada’s wealth wants out of the Federation? It’s no laughing matter, I’ve stated this a hundred times, Quebec is Argentina if it leaves Canada, Alberta leaving Canada makes all of Canada Argentina.

Argentina for those of you who don’t know has a perpetual currency crisis, why? Because their government is too big and similar to Canada, there was a period when Argentina’s big Government was working, well, when socialism stopped working the Austerity measures were thrown out the door as a means to solve the problem. Austerity measures mean government shrinkage, in Canada tax-payers had a hard time selling off Petro-Canada, imagine if Canada got rid of the supply-management-chain, CMHC, Provincial Crown Corproations, cut welfare spending, do you really think Canadians will respond favorably to this?

Will Alberta leave Canada? In my opinion, it’s unlikely, but a serious threat to leave Canada, where an entire Albertan voter bloc is created, that changes the way Canadians view the economy. Because one thing I know for sure is if the Albertan session movement becomes a reality, the first thing the Secessionists will be going after is Equalization payments. Most Canadians don’t understand equalization payments or they feel entitled to be beneficiaries of it.

So, to all you Conservatives who will be voting for Scheer because you believe he’ll beat Trudeau, sorry, I can’t do it, nor do I have the will to do it, I know my country, I believe my country will do the right thing, but I also know that maybe we might have to learn things the hard way! After all Keynesian economics has flourished in Canada, if it’s one thing Trudeau is doing an amazing job at it’s pushing Keynesian economic theory to its limits, under Trudeau, Canada is growing the size of government, growing the welfare state, creating more entitlement classes/economic leeches, Canada is losing its manufacturing jobs, running a deficit and manipulating its currency.

People also forget Keynes believed in a Gold standard, we’re on a fiat system now, I can see the writing on the wall, change is in the air, it’s just some will be later to the party than others. The article below I added because I think it’s hilarious, you can’t convince me that the Canadian economy is headed for disaster after reading the article below!

Forget Toronto. Buying in P.E.I. increasingly ‘cutthroat’ as home prices rise – CBC

Interesting times ahead!