Steven Guilbeault wants Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Steven Guilbeault wants Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

August 1 is officially Emancipation Day in Canada, meanwhile, Steven Guilbeault Wants To Control What Canadians can see, read and, listen to online – August 1, 2021,

So first and foremost, hate speech online is already banned in Canada, if any Canadian is online spewing hate they can be arrested, but you see that’s not enough for the Liberal Party of Canada, the Leftists in Canada, want all Canadians to speak in a manner that is acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada.

So in many ways, we fought to end slavery only so that we could be put under a new form of slavery. I’m a believer that economic change will create social change. Canada currently has a brain drain, as I’m writing this post right now there are tens of thousands of extremely smart Canadians who left Canada and moved to the United States because of prior oppressive laws created by prior Liberal government.

The oppressive a government becomes, the less innovative people will be incentivized to be. Canadian television is already extremely BLAND because of prior Leftist laws. Most of Canada’s best and brightest comedians left Canada for the United States because we don’t have freedom of speech in this country.

I always like to remind Canadians that the Loonie is ARTIFICIALLY low to hie the economic impact of prior Left-leaning laws, which make owning certain property as well as thinking particular thoughts illegal in Canada. Socialist experiments throughout history have always led to economic DEFLATION.

Luckily in the modern era, we have this invention called “Fiat money” and global reserve currencies, in which Canada is the beneficiary because if Canada had to pay for its socialism and government debts had to be repaid with a market rate of interest instead of an artificially ow central bank interest rate, most of these dumb ideas, would have bankrupted Canada DECADES AGO.

More and more people who fled communism are shocked by the direction Canada is taking. Now, in the minds of people like Steven Guilbeault, he imagines no consequence of his actions, people who think in the manner Steven Guilbeault thinks, assume these laws are for the greater good of society.

But the contradictory nature of Emancipation Day followed up by internet censorship, simply because certain Canadian political party’s want to have full control over the narrative of the country is economic suicide. Slavery was economic suicide, We got electricity because of FREE MARKET CAPITALISM and I’d argue that we’d probably by under a Direct-current model instead of this wasteful ever polluting alternating current model had the government not gotten involved, as we all know governments prefer CENTRALIZATION and Alternating current facilitates centralization of energy.

There are so many inventions and innovations, that don’t exist, because of Government regulations on THOUGHTS. For every government regulation, there’s an economic consequence. It’s not to say that there should be no government regulations, but when entire industries are destroyed by the government, the end result is more GLOBAL poverty.

China exists in the manner it does, because of prior Leftist laws in the Western World. Currently, everyone is bashing China, but yet if we continue on this Steven Guilbeault-inspired censorship we’re going to be more like China, more like China, but with even more rules and regulations than China on the Canadian economy.

In Steven Guilbeaults Canada a very smart engineer with an opinion that doesn’t align with Steven Guilbeault has to worry that he could lose his entire career based on a Tweet? Now, if this smart engineer has the option to move south of the border to a U.S State that allows said Canadian engineer to voice his concerns about his government, why shouldn’t that person leave Canada? = BRAIN DRAIN

Why would any talented Canadian comedian, stay in Canada? He/She is not emancipated, they’re subjects of The Liberal Party of Canada, and what they say and how they say it has to be monitored by the Steven Guilbeault and CRTC, even though their sole purpose is to simply make people laugh.

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Canada is becoming way too political, I personally prefer writing about financial topics, but the government is finding its way into every aspect of my life. I already hate Canadian television, it’s boring, it’s always been boring, it will always be boring, because being edgy in Canada is almost illegal, which is why Canada gets the label of being an extremely bland place.

I remember and this was years, back before, Australia became the totalitarian State it is today. I remember a black person telling me how racist they thought Australians were, I can’t speak on how Australians are now, but in the past, Australians used to exercise their freedom of speech, which would rub some people the wrong way, because most people are used to the government dictating how people should talk.

Even in America, the “N” word is vanquished from most non-black people’s vocabulary, now in the past, HIGH IQ Black conservatives and even some black Liberals, fought to allow white people to use that word, even though they’d be labeled derogatory words by their fellow blacks, now why would any black person fight to allow white people to use the “N” word freely?

Well, because they knew eventually a Steven Guilbeault type would come along and strip those very same black people of their Emancipation. Eventually, the government comes looking for you, don’t ever imagine that just because the government is simply going after your opposition now, that this very same government won’t come looking for you at a later date

Most people don’t understand Emancipation or freedom. In a free society, people are allowed to be jerks, they’re not allowed however to threaten you or commit actions of violence against you, but Emancipation is supposed to be liberating not oppressive.

Conspiracy theories are allowed to exist in a free society, when you ban conspiracy theories you’re banning imagination. You’re also destroying a section of the economy, if conspiracy theories are illegal, freedom of expression is illegal, some art will be illegal, all sorts of distortions in human life will occur as emancipation is stolen from people and replaced with Steven Guilbeault inspired Government thoughts.


Emancipation in name only is the new normal in Canada and it has serious economic consequences and I like to remind readers that what tends to happen when politics is everywhere – society is dumbed down and it becomes increasingly difficult for people to recognize an economic crash.

Making matters worse the dumber society gets, the dumber the cure for the economic crash will be. As an example in Argentina, even though it’s obvious that they should shrink the size of their government, austerity measures in Argentina is fought against FIERCELY, in South Africa, their Leftists Parties have convinced a large chunk of black voters that it’s better to destroy the country of South Africa rather than allow white farmers to exist.

When certain thoughts are deemed illegal by the government Emancipation is illegal. We have laws that protect us from government, we shouldn’t have laws that make us government serfs. Government suppression suppresses innovation, from an economic standpoint, Steven Guilbeault is going to accelerate Canada’s brain drain.

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Interesting times ahead!