Award Space, which can be found in, is among the growing list of web hosting companies. Known for its affordable hosting plans, the company offers shared hosting (free and paid version) and virtual private servers. Its hosting plans are targeted towards those individuals running personal or small business websites.

More about Award Space

Because of their growing list, web hosting companies nowadays are offering the free web hosting just to be noticed and attract more users. While Award Space has this free shared hosting plan, it doesn’t have the features to really compete with other web hosting service providers. It doesn’t have the easy-to-use website design software that makes it easier for those who are completely noob on web design. The real deal that Award Space has for website owners is its paid version of shared hosting.

Its paid version offers ‘unlimited’ bandwidth and storage. This is actually not ‘unlimited’ since bandwidth and storage are still bounded by certain limitations. Aside from good offer on bandwidth and storage, Award Space is also commendable for its additional offer of free domain.

Aside from shared hosting, Award Space also offers virtual private server packages. All of its three virtual private server packages have full root access, custom partitioning, and easy-to-use control panel. However, it’s worth taking note of the company’s lack of dedicated server which makes it harder for someone who has an increasing hosting needs.

Final thoughts on offers one of the most affordable hosting packages that one could find in the market. While its price and additional features can make it seem to be a great deal, the company really doesn’t have services that would compete with other budget-friendly hosting packages out there. What’s more, it has limited customer support with the telephone support only available for paying members.

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