Does Backlinks From Blogs Help SEO

Back linking Blogs does help SEO but it doesn’t help that much, in actuality this can in fact hurt you if you spend too much doing this.  The search engines might mistake you for some sort of bot if you spend all your time doing this. What internet marketer’s blog and website owners need to understand is that there is no back linking strategy that will get you a number one spot on Google. If you follow Google on YouTube you can clearly see that their main mission is to have the best search engine in the world.

My opinion on SEO

So if your idea is to spam the Google and it’s searchers with useless information you will never achieve the results you hope for. In my opinion there’s no point in achieving number one rankings just to get banned from the search engines. Yes back linking and other tactics might get you to the top of the search engine for a few days but the reality is your time there will be short lived and in a few weeks you will return to page 2 page three or worse you might not show up at all.

Pay Per Click verse SEO

If you’ve ever signed up with any SEO company you will notice most of them offer help with pay per click marketing. If you’re selling something personally I recommend Pay Per Click marketing. SEO takes time and money. A good SEO company with a proven track record has prices that usually start at $299 per month. That price does not guarantee any results and in order to keep seeing results you will have to continue paying them monthly. What many people don’t understand about Pay Per Click marketing is the respect it gets from the average consumer especially when that consumer is looking to buy something.

Once the consumer lands on a page from pay per click marketing campaign that customer is usually in the mind frame to buy something. Well that is if you’re targeting your keywords correctly. This is easy pickings and also easy money. Now obviously there are tactics one should use like some sort of email marketing software, a landing page etc… But it’s really not that hard. The problem I find is that most people want a set it and forget it strategy, Most people want someone to do all the work for them which is ok but by doing this you’re actually minimizing your wealth and knowledge.

Backlinks Exposed

Back linking using these back linking farms and software’s is not the best way to go in my opinion. The monthly fees associated with all of them could easily be used to practice Pay Per Click marketing. I’ve taught people pay per click marketing and what I notice is once they understand how it works there is no stopping them. Some people a scared to lose money and I understand that but I always find it weird that those same people that are scared to lose money will hand there money over to someone who they think knows something more than what they know.

The initial reason why back linking used to give so much value was because it was telling the search engines that people were interested in what you had to say or interested in your website as a whole. That’s really the only reason. Back in the day also article directories would help to do this but then people started catching on and then Google change its algorithmic pattern. This pattern change basically helped out blog owners, which being said it doesn’t mean having blog guarantees wealth what it means is having good content helps SEO.

There are tons of websites that have a ton of back links pointing to them and still don’t have much traffic, Back linking is something that’s supposed to be natural people should want to see your website having a backlink that doesn’t receive any clicks devalues that back link. That’s why typically link farms don’t work. Do you have Google Analytics? If you don’t know Google Analytics tracks how people get to your website, so if you have a bunch of back links and nobody is using them they become useless. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the website that gave you the back link will become useless but your back link may in fact lose value.

My point is back linking only helps SEO if the back link has REAL value to it. If you are running around trying to get back links for a crappy website you might be wasting your time. None the less this is only my opinion and don’t let it stop you from doing what you want to do for your website or blog.

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