Big Government Strikes Again: British Columbia’s provincial health officer Warns Employers That Government is going to incentivize people not to work – January 6, 2022,

Every time I think about ICBC I chuckle, for me the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is one of the funniest things I’ve heard. I’m actually laughing while I’m writing this. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is a provincial Crown corporation😂, government monopolizing insurance, what could go wrong😂. Anyway, this is post is supposed to be about B.C’s new overlord “Super Dr. Bonnie Henry” she’s working for the greater good of B.C.

And you evil greedy private sector demons looking to make a profit, well via government edict the government has decided that they’re going to compete for your employees. Zero percent interest rates, deficit spending higher taxes more regulations, you know the BIG GOVERNMENT experience! Your profitability will have to wait, the government is trying to save lives.

blah, blah, blah “More regulations” are coming, so if you own a business, “make it work, ok?” because “Super Dr. Bonnie Henry” is trying to save lives here and you wicked profit seekers and your piles of cash need to? umm? you know do put productivity aside and allow “Super Dr. Bonnie Henry” to fix Covid-19. Because so far clearly Big Government ideas have worked? We’re only on what, the third wave? and it’s because people haven’t been listening to and obeying “Super Dr. Bonnie Henry”.

So you scumbags allow the government to take more control over your lives because evidence has shown that eventually, Big government will defeat this pandemic. Sweden? and Florida? Don’t worry about Sweden, and Florida he evil profit-seekers “Super Dr. Bonnie Henry” is here to save the day, so suck it, put on your mask get all the jabs, and get your freakin booster shots.

B.C.’s top doctor says employers should plan now for lots of sick workers |

Interesting times ahead!