Does Bitcoin have a fatal design flaw?

The talks are coming from all kinds of places to pull out of Bitcoin before it’s too late! Personally there are only three things that bother me about Bitcoin one is money laundering 2 is eventual regulation because of money laundering and three is someone such as a Gold or silver dealer creating something similar with something to back the currency.

Bitcoin and regulation

If Bitcoin ever runs into any form of regulation the party will either end or it won’t be as profitable anymore. That being said the problems people are starting to talk about are Bitcoin mounting transactions and if they’ll be able to facilitate these mounting transactions without a centralized database! To keep things simple a centralized database basically means that the powers that be will have to get involved with Bitcoin thus putting it in a position to be regulated.

Bitcoin is hope for a better financial future

If Bitcoin gets regulated will this be the end? Personally I don’t think so however it will leave the door wide open for a new similar currency to be created. I don’t think Bitcoin has a fatal design flaw however what I do think is they’re the new guinea pigs for another or several similar digital currencies to emerge. This is what I think will happen however the bottom line is Bitcoin has got everybody talking and that’s a really good thing because they fought back against the financial powers and are giving people globally more ways to build wealth without being locked into their own countries currency! No matter what way you look at it Bitcoin will be talked about for years to come!