First things first I know this is long but I have to explain to people what’s happening here so they can better understand what to expect from this company. First and Foremost Blast off Network is an MLM opportunity. They’ve actually tried this before online and it didn’t fly but I guess with the recession they can see people are desperate so they are trying it again. This is not a new concept one just needs to look up Amway to get an idea of what’s happening.

Sign up is free and what they want you to is shop through them so they can make a credit and pay you and anyone you refer the breadcrumbs, when they say cash back many of the times we’re talking about 1% – maybe 15% and then you haven’t factored in “Shipping & handling & Delivery charges”. Blast Off is like if Project Pay Day was an MLM.

The difference is that at Project pay Day they don’t ask you to RECRUIT your friends at the Blast off networking this is the main goal that’s actually the main goal of every MLM it’s to get you to sign up friends so that Blast Off can become richer. I thought the internet had passed this stage but it seems like they want to pull the same ole stunt over and over again.

For those of you looking to promote the Blast off Network you might want to at least skim over what I’ve written below.

If you’re a true internet marketer you will understand what I am saying here. If you’re one of those who fell for the hype this is going to go way over your head. When MLM’s and Major corporations meet you have got a major problem. This is NOT something or a matter to take lightly. This is something that every single TRUE internet marketer has got nip in the butt immediately.

MLM’s & Major Corporations are looking for a way to sink there claws in the Internet & control how money is made Online

I have written plenty of posts doing my absolute best to expose MLM’s and Matrix’s and this is the reason why. First of all if you don’t understand how things work in the REAL world you will not understand what I’m talking about.

First and foremost an MLM is built like this

Now had most of you not been so brainwashed by the media and other things i could stop right there, and you would fully understand what the problem with that business model above me, but because many of you only have sold your souls for money, have to explain to you why corporations and MLM is basically the destruction of making money online.

Once you’re talking MLM you’re talking about ONE business entity controlling how affiliates are paid. Your talking ONE entity deciding commission payments, Your talking One entity spreading and deciding the percentage of an affiliate and his recruits and how they will be paid based on the entities current budget. Remember your talking MLM’s and Corporations here who do you think are going to be the people that get paid first and who do you think are going to be the people who get the BREAD-CRUMBS?

If I start a MLM business and I have 20 family members and 20 friends who do you think I’m going to put at the top of my MLM business structure, and even if I didn’t who do you think has the most to gain in any MLM situation me or you?. Now let’s go corporate now. Now we’re talking shareholders of each corporation, that’s who corporations work for and a corporation’s job is to make money and limit liabilities.

With the above mention eventually what do you think is going to happen to your commissions realistically?  Better yet how many times will you get up-selled before you realize that you’re a Blast Off Network “EMPLOYEE” working off commissions.

Once you join an MLM your No Longer in control you are now a puppet you’ve now also given yourself 2 jobs instead of one “recruit” and “sell” and you’ve now also decided that instead of getting paid a top level commission which you deserve you decide to run the risk of getting a better commission based on the performance of your recruits.

I can’t help but say any person that falls for an MLM has NO business sense what so ever. If you haven’t gotten the chance to yet I highly recommend watch the Corporation. There’s a part of it below.

[youtube id=”Pin8fbdGV9Y” w=”425″ h=”344″]

Now MLM’s are very similar to pyramid schemes make no mistake about it & adding corporations, corporations who exploit under developed countries into the mix just worsens the situation.  Unless you start the MLM don’t join an MLM, why start on the bottom when you can start on the top. What are you scared people won’t join your MLM, are you saying to yourself it’s all about the hype or are you admitting to yourself that you don’t know how to do Internet Marketing? Because you have to know how to do Internet Marketing online to recruit people to Blast Off Network & if you know Internet Marketing why would join someone else’s MLM why wouldn’t you just start your own???

Unless your one of those people who are going to go door to door promoting the Blast Off Company. OH yea that’s smart hype about people about the Blast Off network the same way you we’re hyped up.

This is the best way i can to deal with you lazy pyramid schemes lovers. I have come to realization that people will do what people do so i will do my best to expose Ponzi schemes for what they are Also under the terms and conditions which you should always read when it comes to MLM it clearly states the following read the parts in red and also this information can be found by going to

Commissions Are Subject to Change

Commissions on all products and services are subject to change at any time without cause or reason.

Commission Payments

The minimum amount for which the Company will issue a commission payment to a Member is $20.00. If a Member’s commissions do not equal or exceed $20.00, the commissions will be accrued until they total at least that amount. Only then will a commission payment be issued to a Member. Each merchant agreement specifies a holding period of varying length to validate transactions and allow for product returns or service cancellations. After the holding period, the merchant approves the commission for payment and initiates a payment cycle from the merchant to a commission aggregator to the Company. Blastoff Network will process payment to Members 45 days after the end of the month in which the commission status is approved, subject to the Company receiving payment of the commission. In addition, Blastoff Network reserves the right to suspend commission payments flagged as irregular or unusual in pattern or amount pending completion of investigation and validation of transaction(s) with the merchant(s). Accordingly, a sales commission will not be accrued to a Member’s account until between 75 and 165 days after the date of the sales transaction that generated the commission. As a result, it may take up to 165 days after a sales transaction takes place before the commissions generated by that sale will be accrued to the Member’s account. Member commissions will be paid by check mailed to the Member’s mailing address and are subject to $2 per check fee to cover processing and mailing costs that will be deducted from the Member’s commission payment.


Blastoff Communications LLC retains the right to cancel any Blastoff Membership at anytime without cause or reason.

This site is a Joke!

So is BlastOff Network a scam?

Who cares it’s an MLM if you like MLM’s I recommend starting your own why start at the bottom of the pyramid when you can start at the top search MLM scripts in Google and instead of “promoting” Blast Off Networks MLM you can create your own. If you really want to be your own boss and you like MLM’s start your own MLM otherwise you’re just an MLM BlastOff Network employee. Being your own boss means you only have customers to answer to no up line to pay. In order not to have to pay your up line you have to own the MLM if you don’t have the Hoodspa to do that then sign up for the Blast Off network.

Best wishes!

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