Where to buy targeted web traffic cheap?

When it comes to purchasing cheap website traffic it’s important to understand what you’re getting yourself into. The cheap targeted traffic sites I know are mostly incentive based web traffic companies or there pop up or pop under types of cheap web traffic. The problem you’ll always encounter with this type of traffic is inconsistency there are times where I strike gold and there are also times where I get nothing the reason for this is because most of the times your clients will not be a position to buy most of the sites that get their revenue from pop under, pop up and incentive based traffic are sites that are offering some kind of free service to their visitors services such as lyrics to peoples favorite songs, MP3 downloads, movie downloads and other things of that nature.

I’ve already written a post that has helped people looking to buy targeted web traffic for cheap use the link below to visit that post.

How to get web traffic to your site for $2