The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Buy My Vote: Instead of Quitting their Oppressive job a few Black Civil Servants are Looking To Use Justin Trudeau to Capitalize on Canadian Taxpayers – September 16, 2021,

One of the most annoying things about working with some black employees in Canada is that whenever some of them have a disagreement with a non-black co-worker or superior in their place of employment, they’ll often cite racism as the root cause of the disagreement, which obviously works to their benefit because they no longer have to debate the issue.

This strategy doesn’t work so well in the private sector, because resources are limited, but this strategy does seem to work very well in the Public Sector because vote-buying is what Leftist politicians do and hey it’s election season, Justin Trudeau is in a tight race and why not take advantage?

This again is why big government is a bad idea, now, if the blacks are successful with this, expect other cultural groups to do the same thing. This is how Leftism destroys great societies, if the perception was what it should be, which is the Canadian government HAS NO MONEY, it’s unlikely these employees of the government would want to want to extort sitting the sitting PM.


But every other news headline of Justin Trudeau has him borrowing money from the Bank of Canada and writing cheques to his corporate buddies, so I’m certain these civil servants did the math in their heads and it’s not like there’s any risk to them personally, it’s very hard to fire a government employee.

These race and cultural hustlers see this as their chance to get their piece of the Trudeau spending spree. If you’re a public servant and you’re being treated unfairly YOU QUIT! You’re a civil servant, there was a period when civil servants DIDN’T GET PAID!

instead of quitting these Canadians would rather SUE, because race hustling is big business, that Black Lives Matter woman Patrisse Cullors became a multi-millionaire in a few short years, pimping out Black Americans. They’re entitled privileged BRATS, who believe they could never make the money they’re making in government for the work they do if they worked in the private sector.

I think Justin Trudeau gave some other black organization business loans exclusively for Black people? So this race hustle has proven to work in Canada and they have nothing to lose by pushing this hustle to its limits.

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