Can unvaccinated Canadian Government and Private Sector employees Sue The Federal After the ILLEGAL mandates end? Really, I’m asking, because all signs point to YES! – July 7, 2022,

So I have friends affected by illegal mandates who have every intention to pursue all sorts of lawsuits, once the mandates in Canada end, and basically what’s stopping them from doing so AT THE MOMENT are mandates still being enforced. Now, legality is not my thing, I tend to write about finances and economics, and why this matters in all of this are because if there is INDEED an economic downturn in the form of a recession headed our way, the only solutions I see are higher deficits and/or AUSTERITY MEASURES.

Now, if the government of Canada borrows money in its attempt to fix the recession, it will equate to more Canadian dollars purchasing fewer goods and services.

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If the Liberals with the help of the NDP expect to spend their way out of recession, in economics terminology it’s going to lead to higher costs because you have to remember, the real cause of higher costs is GOVERNMENT regulations on the economy.

Even if you like the pandemic mandates, they’re a regulation on the economy which drives up the COSTS of doing business, meaning that throwing money at the problem may accelerate the recession and put the Federal government hopelessly in debt.

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When costs rise, by the way, it doesn’t necessarily lead to more tax revenue for the government, because higher costs are written off, tax collection is based on PROFITABILITY, which is why when governments raise taxes they often get less revenue.

Spending patterns change when the government is taking more from the productive members of society. Now, what’s interesting about unvaccinated Canadians being targeted by the various levels of government is that there are a lot of Canadians who REFUSE to work and would rather be on welfare. So it’s not like these unvaccinated employees who are being fired from their jobs are easily replaceable.

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Furthermore replacing them as consumer price inflation rages forward is going to potentially be MORE expensive. So economically, I am curious to see how all of this unfolds, we are in the early stages of what could potentially be a long-drawn-out recession. Below is a preview of what I think could be the future of massive lawsuits.

The Canadian government has to keep this charade going to avoid being tied up in lawsuits, this is why, in my opinion, the Federal government refuses to back down from its tyrannical edicts.

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Below is an example of RELIGOUS persecution. But what’s interesting with this case is the employee bought a far superior mask than what was recommended by his employer and the employer demanded he downgrades his mask to their approved cloth mask?

Then from there, he was forced off his job because of his refusal to be vaccinated? This is tyranny plain and simple, but the current excuse being used is that we’re still in the middle of a pandemic and therefore government overreach is ALWAYS necessary. This has massive lawsuits written all over it, so to combat these lawsuits I SUSPECT the Liberals will drag this out for as long as they can, and yes this means this could last well into 2025.


REJECTED: Canada Post clamps down on unvaccinated employee |
He’s a Christian and tried to get an exemption on religious reasons, but Canada Post turned him down flat.


Interesting times ahead