Canada’s Embarrassing Dependence on the WELFARE State: Leger survey found that 58% of Canadians support imposing a vaccine passport – August 8, 2021,

Both the French and the British military could not stop Hitler and back then both British and especially the French had superior armies to that of Germany. Had it not been for America, we’d be speaking German right now, and chances are we’d be slaves.

The government doesn’t provide as much security as people think it does, what holds society together are people, and when you restrict travel or restrict movement or give up your rights and freedoms simply because the government tells you to, you’re marching towards totalitarianism.

When the U.S.S.R was created the Russians never imagined that they were giving up their freedoms to select few people who didn’t have to obey those silly laws, the Russian people genuinely thought their government had their best interests in mind.

The Russian people gave up their freedom for security and this happened primarily because of how they were educated as well as how the media would frame particular ideas. No, big deal a vaccine passport, we’re saving lives, we don’t want Covid to spread, let’s give up our rights so that life can get back to normal?

That’s how this vaccine passport is being presented, but even after getting vaccinated people are still being told to wear masks, now even health care workers are getting bullied by the government to get vaccinated, all of sudden 80% vaccinated is not enough, soon 90% won’t be enough, you don’t have the right to infect me, is the argument being presented, meaning that I have the right to tell you what to put inside your body (666).

Sounds a lot like the mark of the beast to me, but in the king James bible there are tons of stories like this, now, when most people read the bible they question how could the people have been so dumb? Well, you should pay close attention to modern Canada, humans seek security and they seek security from centralized figures, they imagine or are smarter and more powerful than they are.

But history shows us that this is usually the sign of a declining empire, often ignored is how dependent the world is on the U.S dollar, central banks can’t normalize interest rates, which means PRICE inflation and price discovery is going to be problematic in the coming years.

From an economic perspective, the COVID passport is a regulation, that if imposed will most likely create distortions in the economy, I can’t even fathom. To avoid government people do all sorts of strange things, as an example, a lot of unionized workers don’t do overtime, to avoid paying additional taxes, more money to do be less productive becomes the norm and productivity declines and to make up for the lack of productivity the money is debased.

Productive Chinese people often engage in odd behavior to avoid the government, they’ll avoid using particular words, avoid going to particular places, or doing particular things which are DEFLATIONARY economically. Bu the difference between most Asian countries and Canada is the WELFARE STATE. In countries like Japan or China, the people do not expect the government to take of them, so although they’ll be willing to give up particular rights and freedoms, they still understand that individually they have to be fiscally responsible.

This is where I believe Canada is going to run into some serious problems in the future. We’ve incentivized being unproductive in so many different areas of the economy that when the wheels fall off, is going to be painful to clean this mess up.

Canadian business community largely supportive of vaccine passport system |

Interesting times ahead!