Canada’s unemployment rate fell to 5.1% in May, the lowest rate since at least 1976: Are Fewer Canadians looking for jobs, and are there fewer Employers in Canada? – June 20, 2022,


It’s always good when the Left Wing media seeks to destroy somebody it doesn’t like because, in their efforts to destroy their opposition, they’ll often post information, that comes back to haunt them later. In 2018 the reign of Donald Trump was all over the Canadian economy, in ways that were uncomfortable for the media to define.

Justin Trudeau’s economy in COMPARISON to Donald Trump’s economy was HORRENDOUS, but for some strange reason only THE MARKETS we’re sending out those signals, Canadian government data on the other hand-painted a rosy picture of the Canadian economy. Making it appears as though, there were all these jobs and nobody hiring, which is partially true, but not telling the entire story.

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Although Justin Trudeau has been growing the size of the Canadian FEDERAL government, the numbers aren’t jaw-dropping, because you have to remember that whenever the Federal Conservative Party is in power dating back to Brian Mulroney they usually don’t cut back on anything, which is one of the reasons why one could argue, Justin Trudeau is having to make up reasons to grow the size of government, Bill C-11 comes to mind.


With Bill C-11 Trudeau can do a lot of CONTENT moderation, meaning that the article I point to could be revised or reworded in the future to make the government appear more competent than it really is. Let’s call it for it is when you read the following words

Canada’s unemployment rate fell to 5.1 per cent in May, Statistics Canada reported earlier this month.

It’s the lowest rate since at least 1976, which is as far back as comparable data goes.

Canadian employers willing to hire workers without direct experience, survey says |


Wouldn’t you say to yourself, “That Justin Trudeau sure knows what he’s doing, what are all of these RACISTS complaining about, this is the best economy in the history of Canada and Justin Trudeau is sending out welfare checks?” I might even go further and say to myself if I’m ignorant of what’s going on that “anyone against Universal Basic Income(UBI) is evil”

People ask how did the Germans allow Hitler to rise to power? You’re witnessing it now, government propaganda works, and unless you’re willing to do the research it’s nearly impossible to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Why you should DEFINITELY read and possibly even print the article below, is how they’ve redefined unemployment data

The unemployment rate is calculated as the number of people out of work who are actively looking for a new job, divided by the total labour force.

A falling unemployment rate might mean more people are finding jobs (which is good) or that more people have given up looking for a job and dropped out of the labour force altogether (which is bad).

The unemployment rate is meaningless and we should scrap it |

Our editorial: The statistic used to be a good proxy for the state of the economy, but those days are gone. It’s time to revise what we measure.

By Maclean’s
June 13, 2018

Changing Unemployment data is REDEFINING RECESSION

I often write about the Forex markets and bank liquidity, do describe in different ways “The wealth effect”. The average writer for whatever reason often complicates things, I try to simplify them in a compressed way. Only the government can make INFLATION  a bad thing. What governments fear the most is actually DEFLATION! The main reason we have a fiat monetary system is to avoid DEFLATION.

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If you’re in power and you’re taxing people to finance your government and we’re on a scarce monetary system like a Gold standard, government incompetence will be on full display, if the economy DEFLATES for a prolonged period of time. During the 2020 Pandemic, Justin Trudeau using The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) sent people who were not working or contributing anything to the economy FREE checks in the mail.

Let’s ignore the complicity of Canada’s central bank in all of this and talk about FIAT money. Now, if Canada were on a Gold Standard, Trudeau couldn’t send money to people for not working? I mean sure he could, but he’d have to pay it back based on the terms set by the PRIVATE participants who lent Canadians their gold/money. The interest rate for doing what Trudeau did on a monetary system with traditionally defined money would be astronomical, and it likely would no happen.

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Now, by modern standards, even with Fiat money, it was mostly the Bank of Canada, that purchased Trudeau’s debt, meaning that a larger percentage of people in Canada were getting paid for not working for almost 2 years. Yet, the unemployment numbers to break any records? Furthermore the “recovery” has appeared to be a miracle. Apparently we’re experiencing record low unemployment now?

Even I’ve argued in the past that we’re not headed for recession, ofcourse playing the DEFINITION of “recession”. The word Recession is defined differently in most developed nations, in fact, similar to the word “racism” recession appears to change month by month, year by year, to keep the “wealth effect” alive a well.

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When people FEEL richer, the evidence does appear to suggest that they’ll spend more. This is one of the reasons why I stopped trusting Canadian government data and instead focused on the definitions of things. Now, as you can see with Trudeau’s governemnt, their aim similar to the aims of most Socialists is to censor, their opposition.

However, this is one of the reasons why the Weimar Republic which experienced hyperinflation dissolved in Nazi Germany because the government had been MANIPLAING the money supply to paint a rosier picture than, what was real, their fiat monetary system eventually collapsed. When aN ECONOMY collapses, there is NO EASY FIX. But you see in the modern era, our Banking system revolves heavily on Private banks being the distributors of money.

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Because there’s no measuring stick on how to value a currency, the forex markets often serve as very helpful to countries like Canada, who now find that Canadian dollars often buy more OUTSIDE of Canada, than they do inside of Canada. How can that be, you ask? Well wage and price controls, taxes and government regulations.

All of these big government initiatives along with the current RESPECTABILITY of the Canadian dollar lead to instead of things being made in Canada, being made in countries like China. All well and good, many will argue, who wants those labor-intensive manufacturing jobs anyway, right? Wrong! If you read the article below, you’ll notice that there’s a SKILLED labor shortage

Now, I want you to think for a moment if there’s a SKILLED labor shortage and there’s record-low unemployment, what does that tell you, about the job market in Canada? Could one argue that low-skilled workers are sidelined? and why would low-skilled labor be sidelined? Could they be getting a better deal from the government for NOT working? Maybe they’re living off of their parents?

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One could only speculate, but it’s for this reason, that the market has been a better indicator for me than government statistics and that’s really sad, because if the rug is pulled out from under us, by that I mean, the forex markets price down the Loonie, it’s going to be very difficult for “experts” to understand what’s going. Even if there’s a race to the bottom regarding currencies, FIXED costs are what they are and what I mean by this is that if the Canadian economy is reliant on STIMULUS, and there’s a race to the bottom currency crisis, the Canadian government will have to borrow money to stimulate growth, which also could result in them collecting FEWER taxes!


Canadian employers willing to hire workers without direct experience, survey says |

Interesting times ahead!