The Canadian Fiat Dollar has decoupled from the Labour Force Survey (LFS), as Politicians Push For More Dependence on Government Welfare – July 14, 2021,

If a Canadian goes to Cuba, they’ll be met with the reality that the Communist Cuban government has its owns means of valuing Canadian dollars. The Cuban government doesn’t value Canadian fiat dollars on any market price, it values our money in a manner that coincides with its socialist revolution.

Now, because Canadian dollars are not backed by anything tangible, the only way to value a currency is how hard people are willing to work for it In Cuba, a lot of Cubans outright REFUSE to work for Cuban pesos, why? Because there’s no benefit in being wealthy in Cuba if someone mysteriously becomes wealthy in Cuba and they’re not tied to the Cuban Government, they’ll quickly find that their life is in danger.

Once the money is POLITICIZED, fewer people are willing to work hard for it. As it stands now, via the media fewer people in Canada are willing to work for Canadian dollars, instead opting for whatever free fiat Canadian dollars the government will give to them. I always like to remind people about the dangers of the welfare State.

PEOPLE ON WELFARE DO NOT PAY FOR INFLATION! or said another way people who don’t work for money are willing to accept higher prices and/or a lower standard of living. You’ll notice that whenever you go to a government housing project in Canada a lot of money has to be spent on its upkeep because a lot of the tenants don’t care about the property because a lot of the people who live in government housing DO NOT WORK!

Now, imagine having free rent, free food, free transportation, free health care, and the right to vote in municipal, Provincial and Federal elections to keep this scheme going at ANY COST? What do you think the end result of Canadian society will be? If you answered you’re not sure! I agree with you, I’m not sure either, but in order to prevent Justin Trudeau’s stupidity from being exposed, which let’s be honest will cause some panic, IN MY OPINION, Statistics Canada is doing whatever necessary to make things look as good as possible.

You have to also remember that Statistics Canada is a government agency, a lot of public sectors jobs are on the line if these welfare, Universal Basic Income schemes don’t work. If as an example asset prices fall, the only way to fix Canada without hyper-inflating the money supply is to cut the size of the government.

Gradual inflation is the plan of central planners, that’s what they’re betting on, it’s worked in the past and they’re hoping it will work in the future. Gradual inflation in case you’re wondering coincides with open borders because the hope is to get cheap labor into Canada to do the jobs CANADIANS ON WELFARE think are beneath them.

The interesting thing about the article below is that it’s becoming blatantly obvious that the Canadian economy on paper looks distorted. But to tell the truth of what’s really happening would be to show how many TAX CHEATS there are in Canada. The rich and Canada’s private sector always get blamed, but when you start diving into the numbers the people living high off the hog are all the folks on welfare NOT PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE!

People on welfare in Canada often live better than HARD WORKING upper-middle-class people in third-world nations. I do charity work in third world nations, a toilet is a luxury, running water is luxury, heating and air conditioning, yeah that’s a luxury, universal health care is a luxury, there are lots of luxuries Canada’s supposed poor enjoy that they contribute NOTHING to.

Hard-working Canadians are paying a disproportionate amount of taxes in order to service the debts of government and the people dependent on government welfare and to save themselves the Labour Force Survey (LFS) has found itself surveying fewer respondents, during a period in which fewer people are working? To the best of my knowledge, nobody has been laid-off at Statistics Canada? So what’s going on here?

Well, I think everyone knows, so all I will add to the post below is preparedness is something all Canadians should consider. Being that we’re living in troubling times, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to know the truth of what’s happening to Canada’s economy.

Michael Côté: Why Statistics Canada’s labour force data are no longer reliable |

Interesting times ahead!