Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau FULL INTERVIEW | The National – December 9, 2018
No big deal, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau FULL CBC INTERVIEW, begins with the Prime Minister breaking the law, sounds about right, it’s always those little things you have to pay attention too because it’s symbolic of the old saying do as I say not as I do. The interview which you can watch below or by clicking the following link: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau FULL INTERVIEW | The National

The video begins with The CBC’s The National’s Rosemary Barton, who’s known for saying on air that deficits don’t matter, showing Justin Trudeau’s softer side, he’s able to show Canadians that he’s a family man, a man of privilege a man victimized by the successes of his father, this interview touches on some economic topics but Trudeau is only pressed on social issues, which is obviously expected by The National’s Rosemary Barton, because after all, deficits don’t matter.

CBC is a public broadcasting and therefore it’s in their best interests to make leftist politicians look good because the reality is their livelihoods depend on it, so for obvious reasons at least on Youtube comments were disabled. I always find it funny that sometimes CBC will allow comments and other times they won’t, there’s no consistency either, what you’ll notice however is that if they’re trying to paint someone or some entity in a favorable light they’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish this.

I’m hoping we can defund the CBC, be wise in the upcoming election Canada.

Interesting times ahead.