Carbon emission labels or carbon labeling will be normalized in Canada beginning in 2022, The politics of Climate Change Hysteria – December 9, 2021,

If I’m, to be honest, I like labeling, what I don’t like is labeling being politicized and that’s what carbon labeling is all about. The entire carbon offset scheme being devised by central planners has little to do with saving mother earth and everything to do with the government controlling the narrative. s we know throughout history, the market has done the work and the governments have taken the credit.

The green energy movement has been so successful that Tesla Inc is probably the most overvalued company in the world. Is Tesla better than Toyota or BMW? No, but the Green Energy Movement has been so powerful that the MARKET has spoken and any company devoted to the green energy revolution has money thrown at it. What am I getting at? The government is a nonfactor, we don’t need government intervention, the government is merely trying to take credit for something that is happening naturally.

I really wish the nonsense would stop, I personally would prefer writing about more topics that revolve around the evolution of the human mind, instead, people like myself and others are having to write about global-socialism and central banks, because if you don’t talk about these things, globalists, like they’ve done in the past, are going to take full control over the narrative.

Do yourself a favor and look at the stock prices for everything green? If the green energy idea can realistically survive in the marketplace, people are supporting it. Now, although I think Teslas stock is inflated, Tesla would survive without government intervention, in fact, the only thing preventing Elon Musk from being more successful than he is now is government taxes and government regulations.

GM, Toyota, BMW, Hyundai all of these companies would be expanding had it not been for governments intervening, this isn’t the horse and buggy era, we’ve evolved, we’ve left the agricultural revolution and now we’re working towards a beautiful future, but the central planners can clearly see that technology is rendering them irrelevant so they’re working overtime to control the narrative.

When you face extinction you fight back, it’s really that simple, in the future there is the possibility that people look at politicians as we see them today like relics of a bygone era when it was imagined that CIVILIZED people needed to be controlled politicians. The only element in society that needs to be controlled is the criminal element, most humans have no desire to do evil deeds, this is why the government grows- it grows in order to classify more people as criminals.

Anyway, I like labeling, but Carbon labeling is rooted in politics and that’s what I don’t like about it!

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Interesting times ahead!