A-Closer-Look.com Review – Is it a scam?

A Closer Look which you can find at A-Closer-Look.com is a marketing and mystery shopping website that caters to businesses in the following industries: restaurant, hotel, retail store, health and wellness, and professional services. Through their hired mystery shoppers, they provide these businesses insights about their products and services to stay competitive in their respective industry.

More about A Closer Look

Mystery shopping is no longer new. It has been used by thousands of businesses worldwide in partnership with a mystery shopping company to determine their consumer’s opinion on their products and services. The mystery shopper’s accurate data reporting helps them further improve and thus, stay competitive in the market.

As a mystery shopper, you will be assigned in different kind of assignments depending on the client. You may be asked to eat in a restaurant and experience a specific kind of issue or problem during the meal. You will then write an accurate report of your experience which will then be submitted to the client.

If you want to work as a mystery shopper for A Closer Look, you will have to provide an email address where the application process will be sent. You will also have to pass several tests including a writing and shopper qualifying test.

Final thoughts on A-Closer-Look.com

Although A Closer Look didn’t disclose the rate for their mystery shopper, it seems to be a legit site for becoming one. However, you still must read their policy and terms of use. You shouldn’t be paying them for the experience as it should be the other way around.

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