Review Is It a Scam? Contena owned by Heroic LLC reviewed

Based on my reviews “Contena” currently found at is legit and not a scam, they specialize in helping to make money online Freelancing. They’re very transparent about what they do, if you have any questions about what they’re offering visit their Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) page. Below is a snipper of how you can get paid using the Contena service.

What can I get paid to write about?
Many different types of businesses and industries need content. The types of content will vary (blog posts, ebooks, web copy, etc.) and you’ll find many different topics that people will pay you to write about.

How To Make Money Online With Contena?

Although sales Copywriting isn’t for everyone I always recommend writers consider this option, because if you GENUINELY like to write, the Official Copywriting Guide is going to help your earning potential TREMENDOUSLY. I’ll be the first one to tell you that Official Copywriting Guide is a little boring, it’s nothing fancy or exciting, but because MY goal is to make as much money for the least amount of work possible, I feel compelled to show my fellow writers the blueprint of how to do this online.

People are making money with Contena, if you’re going to join Contena you’ll need to download Grammarly it’s one of the best writing tools online and it’s an open secret that some people on Fiverr whole claim to be proofreaders use Grammarly.

As a writer, I should also point out that you shouldn’t ignore freelance services like Fiverr either. Most of the writer training programs I’ve reviewed all point back to Fiverr, which can add to your earnings potential tremendously.

With Contena they have their own ways of doing things, they’re offering you their services and you have to play by their rules. Contena has a great training program but can be a bit pricey

Contena Memberships start at around $40 per month when paid in full for the year

Personally, I like to do things my own way, and on this blog, you’ll notice that I write a lot about THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS or the cost of living. Before you start talking about PROFITABILITY, you must first consider how much it will COST you to be profitable. This is why in the early paragraphs of this post I wrote about the Official Copywriting Guide because the cost of Official Copywriting Guide is initially A LOT lower, and even if you opt to join us fully, the full cost to join is lower than what you’ll be paying Contena every month.

$40 per month x 12 = $480 per year? If you’re making money great, but with Official Copywriting Guide you’ll be writing content for people with DEEP POCKETS, as opposed to lower paying gigs. Furthermore with the Official Copywriting Guide we’re helping you to become your own boss.

When you’re working as a Freelancer, you will have to write within the confines of your employer, which puts a cap on Liberty as a writer. When you work with us starting with the Official Copywriting Guide we’re introducing you to the world of copywriting.

I’ll admit it openly learning Copywriting is indeed boring for most people. Family and friends ask me all the time when they’re trying o borrow money from me, how can they get paid to work remotely? I tell them how to do it and then they change the subject on me. If you love to write, you might not know it yet, but you’re sitting on a Gold mine, but you want to know how to LEVERAGE your talents and that’s where the Official Copywriting Guide comes in.

With Contena you want to make sure you’re making more money than the $40 per month minimum they’re charging with Official Copywriting Guide read it at your own leisure, join us when you’re ready. I love my LIBERTY and I like to write about topics I love to write about. is legit and not a scam. Any Questions or concerns you have regarding their service should be directed to their staff directly.

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