Conway hits CNN for ‘plateaued’ ratings

This is in response to this article titled:

Sometimes I forget CNN is still on the air. The media at the very least is supposed to take a centrist point of view. If a network decides to take a Leftist or extreme right point of view at the very least you’re supposed to give a platform to people who have a different point of view. As an example at the very least Fox news allows people will differing opinions on their platforms.

CNN based on my reviews takes an extreme leftist approach to the point that their station is not entertaining. The only time I watch CNN is when I’m a public or private office where CNN is the only station that’s playing on the television. It’s very sad what CNN has turned into and it would be to their benefit to change course to at the very least reconsider their constant attack on Donald Trump.

Get back to reporting the news as it comes and remove the emotion from arguments. The real problem I think with CNN is that they would have clean house and fire a lot of employees.I’m not really sure how their company operates, however I find CNN extremely boring. In the past when Republicans took office TV and entertainment was fabulous, now with the exception of SNL I find most comedians to be left leaning, bash Trump which is interesting at first but extremely boring when you see it day after day after day. CNN I don’t know what to tell you, but I personally find watching CNN not worth my time.