Deflationary Economy, Inflationary Prices: Another Public Sector Union This Time Representing about 9,000 Canadian Border Service Agency employees vote in favor of striking – July 27, 2021,

So, I’ve written in other posts, that the only tax I believe in is the tariff tax, with that said, I don’t believe in Public Sector Unions. Pubic Sector workers should not be allowed to unionize, Unionization is something exclusive to the Private Sector.

If you like the whole communist comradery thing, fine, no problem, do it in the private sector, any money the public sector gets comes at the expense of the private sector and the reality is the private sector can do a hell of a better job than the public sector without almost everything.

Mercenaries at times do better jobs than the militaries of countries, private security is often better than the public police force, the government is horrible at doing everything and well, the Canadian Border Service Agency employees want some sugar on their donuts, and quite frankly they’re probably going to get it.

Canadians are soft, this is a quick fix, give the raise and raise the cost of living for Canadians, we import a whole lot of crap because our government makes owning a manufacturing business in Canada very difficult, and the Canadian Border Service Agency employees want some more money, hell there are a bunch of Canadians sitting at home right now, getting paid to do nothing and chances are these welfare loving Canadians are going to vote for whichever politician promises them more free Welfare, so the Canadian Border Service Agency employees are simply exercising their Canadian right to extort.

As I like to point out, people on welfare don’t pay for inflation, I’ve done charity work in third world countries, and no matter how harsh the conditions, people won’t work if they don’t have to! So if anyone is under the illusion that all of these increases in the cost of living are going to shrink you’re wrong, this ends in economic collapse, and the longer the collapse takes the harder it’s going to crash.

Furthermore the longer this economy takes to crash the more ignorant you should expect society to get! WHEN the Canadian Border Service Agency employees get their pay raise, expect prices on imports to rise, because a FEDERAL public sector pay raise is a TAX that gets passed onto the Canadian consumer. Meaning that even if these free Canadian dollar giveaways continue, regardless of what the forex markets signal, the cost of living for Canadians living in Canada will go up! Higher prices lead to a deflationary economy.

Canadian border workers vote in favour of striking as soon as Aug. 6, union says |

Interesting times ahead!