Dr. Kumanan Wilson is NOT a Libertarian “This is the best way to avoid these lockdowns, If everybody gets vaccinated, we can actually reduce the restrictions on our civil liberties.” – January 18, 2022,

First and foremost every single Canadian should CONSIDER getting vaccinated, but let’s pump the breaks on something I was reading. Now, first and foremost, there are a lot of vaccinated Libertarians, but a lot of people think it fashionable to label themselves as Libertarian primarily because modern Liberals are Leftists, and Libertarians are basically Classic Liberals, which make them cool.

If you’re unaware, Libertarians are usually NOT Conservatives, they’re Conseravitve only because the Liberal Political Parties have gone so for Left, that they’re unrecognizable to Classical Liberals. With that said, as expected, people are confusing a TORY with a Libertarian, a Tory is loyal to Crown a Libertarian is pro-INDIVIDUALISM meaning that this statement made by Dr. Kumanan Wilson who states the following:

“I am more of the libertarian bent myself and to the libertarians out there I would say ‘This is the best way to avoid these lockdowns,’” he said. “If everybody gets vaccinated, we can actually reduce the restrictions on our civil liberties.”

Living for the moment: Study points to cognitive differences in people who are vaccine hesitant | NationalPost.com

disqualifies him from being an authentic Libertarian. Truth be told, what a lot of Tories and Leftists do not understand about Libertarians, Liberty Lovers, and Freedom fighters is that labels don’t define us. We can simply listen to a person and observe the words they use and know if they’re pro-government or not. No liberty lover concedes power to the State in the manner Dr. Kumanan Wilson says in his statement.

I feel offended, by what he said personally-  no, no, no that’s not how this works, if lets ebola was killing people in Canada, it’s unlikely that 99% of Canadians would take the ebola vaccine, the government wouldn’t have to convince anyone of ANYTHING! People are vaccine-hesitant, because of the SURVIVAL RATE. Now, if Dr. Kumanan Wilson was “of the libertarian bent ” he’d be advocating choice and PRIVATIZED HEALTH CARE!

In America, different U.S States have taken different approaches to dealing with Covid-19. Now, sure Joe Biden would love to force people obey his orders, but Universal Health Care doesn’t exist in the United States. In Canada, because our health care system has little to no competitive forces, we for the most part have a one size fits all approach, to health care.

If we had medical insurance instead of universal health care, first and foremost, there would be a cost for not being vaccinated, maybe your insurance premiums go up, because you’re not vaccinated, or maybe you think twice about going to a hospital the moment you get sick because there’s an out of pocket expense.

Behaviors change when there’s an out-of-pocket expense for things, one of the main reasons why Canada has so many people going to hospitals when they have Covid is because they imagine the hospitals are FREE. I have a cough, the media has been bombarding me with covid news, better to be safe than sorry, I’m going to the hospital, alternatives to vaccines aren’t even talked about in Canada and America, because we’ve been told to “trust the science” and governments want to combat the virus in ways that benefit the corporations they’ve selected to give these covid contracts too.

There is so much a Libertarian could say to combat the narrative being pushed by corporatists and big government types. Dr. Rand Paul is clearly out of his element when he battles Dr. Fauci’s one size fits all approach to dealing with covid-19, but he takes the UNPOPULAR stance anyway. That’s what people “of the libertarian bent” do in the face of tyranny. THEY FIGHT

Dr. Kumanan Wilson is capitulating, I don’t know any liberty lover who would say “If everybody gets vaccinated, we can actually reduce the restrictions on our civil liberties.” that’s something someone loyal to the crown would say. That’s “Tory” speech, we all know The National Post is pro-Tory and that’s fine, but to those of you trying to pretend you’re a liberty lover, we see right through you, so stop it. Don’t even bother trying to attach yourselves to the lovers of Liberty movement.

If you’re unaware a Tory upholds the supremacy of social order, in Canada that would equate to upholding the supremacy of the monarchy, even if it infringes on a person’s liberties and freedoms. If you read what Dr. Kumanan Wilson says, that’s what he’s doing, he’s trading is liberty for his perceived security by the State. That’s fine, he has the right as a Canadian to do that, but do yourself a favor Dr. Kumanan Wilson refers to yourself as a Tory, a Leftist, or a term that better identifies you as an individual because you’re a Libertarian, you’re not a liberty lover.

I do not contend that Justin Trudeau or even the Queen of England is smarter than everyone else. I do not believe that popular opinion or majority/mob rule equates to morals. During a period in history, THE MAJORITY wanted to preserve slavery, it was a MINORITY that pushed back against the slavery narrative. At one point the State thought it was okay to decide how First Nations people should live their lives in Canada. The State is not always right, my body, my choice, just because something is popular NOW, doesn’t make it RIGHT!

Living for the moment: Study points to cognitive differences in people who are vaccine hesitant | NationalPost.com

Interesting times ahead!