Review – Is it a scam?

Eric’s Success Plan of is a website that offers another money-making opportunity online. This website is being promoted by a man named Eric Webster. According to Webster, this online money-making opportunity will help you earn between $500-$5000 online. He further added that you can earn that amount, without having to pay him a dime.

More about Eric’s Success Plan

Although Webster claims that you’re not require to pay him a dime, this doesn’t mean that the program is free. However, despite the fact that the program is being priced as $9.95, Webster still sticks to his claim about not paying him even a dime because for him, this program is shipped for free.

The opportunity being offered by the website is on affiliate marketing. But unlike other affiliate marketing opportunities out there, Eric’s Success Plan doesn’t really offer you an affiliate marketing plan. What the site does instead is to take you to another website, The Internet Starter Pack, where you will be paying more – $39.95 if you want the DVD training for longer than 14 days.

Final thoughts on Eric’s Success Plan

With more people getting interested in earning money online, there are also a number of people trying to take advantage of this opportunity. Basically, you have to watch out for the following things: too good to be true income claims, making money sounds like so effortless even from the start, and vague explanation of the program.

While Eric’s Success Plan doesn’t present the classical warning signs of websites that end up to be scams (except for its too good to be true claims), it’s still not safe to call it a legit site. If you want to make sure that this opportunity is right for you, you better check on other resources especially unpaid/free ones.

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