Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords

Simply put in my opinion Google Adwords is good for Internet Marketers and Facebook Ads is better for affiliate marketers. If your goal is to make money selling someone else’s products or services from my experience Google Adwords is not the best service to use. On the flip side if you’re trying to build your own brand and you have no intention of scamming or secretly up-selling your customers  then Adwords is definitely the place you want to use. If you don’t know the difference between a affiliate marketer and an Internet Marketer I’m going to explain it below.

The difference between Internet Marketers & Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers work for someone else whereas Internet Marketers work for themselves. Affiliate marketers sell other peoples stuff internet marketers sell their own stuff. Commonly however most Internet Marketers will sell their products and also team up with other Internet Marketers as affiliates and promote other peoples products. The term for this is usually called JV Partners; this is the main reason why most Internet Marketers are also affiliate marketers.

The Google Adwords Experience

Google is simple to understand advertising platform. Don’t scam people and don’t put your products or services under search terms that don’t relate to your site. In all actuality Google wants you to succeed by targeting your words effectively and also keeping your customers happy. In a nut shell that’s Adwords, Google’s focus is to make their search engine a pleasurable experience, unlike other advertising platforms Google’s goal is not to take advertisers money their goal is to be the top used search engine. This is the confusion that amateur Internet and Affiliate marketers have with Google.

Is Facebook ads on the Rise?

I like Facebook but I’m still not believer yet before using Facebook ads make sure you read their “Guide to Facebook ads section”. I like Facebook for taking certain areas of their advertising seriously but I dislike Facebook ads when it comes to targeting. Facebook users can find out the truth about anything in a few short minutes and commonly Facebook users will research something using Google before making their purchase. For most of you this doesn’t sit well with your bottom line. For affiliate marketers this could also mean allot of refunds. Most users of Facebook are not in the mood to buy anything they’re usually there to either have fun or conduct business.

My Facebook Ads experience with CPA offers

My best experience with Facebook Ads was CPA offers, CPA means Cost per Action and what makes CPA offers better than commission based offers is there are No refunds. Most of the CPA offers I promote don’t actually ask users for money. This is where I like Facebook advertising. Now I want to also point out that I use Landing Pages those of you not using squeeze pages or landing pages shouldn’t even be using Facebook ads. You want to capture the users email address the reason for this is so you contact them in the future.

My final Thoughts on Facebook ads and Google Adwords

As it stands now I’m more of fan of Google Adwords, once you understand Google Adwords honestly you shouldn’t have to work ever again, I’ve been using Adwords going on 7 years now all you have to do is target your ads correctly and create a webpage that effectively targets your customers. If you’re selling something you should already know the user you hope to attract. You want to make sure you get your users email address. Don’t mistreat your customers and you’ll have an ongoing stream of income for life. It’s really that simple.

Scammers create new products every day, work extra hard watch their products rise and fall while honest business owners create great products and then just fine tune them. Facebook ads is good option but personally I prefer Google Adwords

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