FaceBook Advertising Scam Information

I am not a fan of Facebook advertising in my view it’s way to intrusive. I seldom if ever log in to my facebook account and their advertising from my perspective may cause a backlash. I wonder about this generation coming up sometimes and wonder if they care at all about their privacy or if they feel targeted because Facebook is now offering the advertisers the ability to target Facebook users to a level that from my view is very disrespectful.

An advertiser can sign up for facebook advertising which i have to mention is a “social networking” site and target specific information about particular type of user. This is not the only problem, the other problem is Facebook basis is on privacy allot of the questions facebook asks users is already very personal information, and now facebook with the help of willing advertisers and users is going to use your(the users) personal information to match you with an advertiser. Meaning the information you put down on your profile maybe used against you in the form of advertising.

Facebook Is Beginning to look CHEAP

The destruction of most social networks is advertising it’s very easy for Facebook to be replaced and i seriously wonder how long this will last until people say i don’t feel like being targeted or request not to receive any advertisements.  Facebook Advertising is doing exactly what they shouldn’t be doing and that’s exploiting peoples profile and personal information.

Advertising which is better Twitter or Facebook

Twitter doe not ask people for their personal information yet twitter doesn’t have any advertising and even if it did by the way twitter is built it wouldn’t matter much. Because twitter doesn’t get in depth with their questions when you sign up. Now with Facebook it asks you all types of personal information down to your middle school, high school workplace location everything. People have been murdered because of posting their personal information on Facebook, and now facebook advertiser’s are being given the luxury of targeting their customers based on their facebook profiles. Doesn’t that bother you???

To me that makes me feel like I am being watched.  Signing up to Facebook to me sounds almost like being exploited people are letting there guard down and Facebook is using peoples privacy against them. Maybe i am just old school but i am not a fan of this type of advertising it just seems wrong to me.

When people sign up for social networks it’s suppose to be a fun experience sure i don’t mind seeing advertising but i don’t like feeling targeted unless i was looking for this form of advertising. Maybe what i saying here is more theory than fact but I seriously see Facebook heading into a decline.

Let me know what you think