U.S Financial Troubles Explained

If you are living in the united states i highly recommend you plan for the worst as many of you know the U.S dollar is worth less and the only thing keeping the U.S economy afloat is the fact that the American people still consume the most goods and services.

If the U.S people ever decide they are not spending anymore the U.S economy in it’s current state goes into a free fall. Also if the U.s we’re to sustain a terrorist attack in it’s current financial state chaos might break out and well lets just say all hell will break loose. Another thing that will happen is the U.S dollar the greenback will lose value and countries may pullout altogether.

There are talks to make Brazil the next America. Although at present Brazil is in no shape to be the next America many countries are looking to Brazil to replace the U.S economically and also there is talks as many of you are aware to replace the u.s dollar with the Amero currency.

Allot of people are saying buy gold but what they are not telling you is what TYPE of gold to buy, If the government can seize your gold or if you have to go to the government to liquidate your gold you will find yourself in the same situation as most people will be in if a catastrophic event occurs. The video below will give you a break down of how money works and a brief explanation of the financial troubles of United State’s. For more information i highly recommend you visit midasresources.com.  Many people are buying gold right now but they are buying the WRONG type of gold if you are not sure what type of gold to buy you need to check out http://midasresources.com/about.html God Bless all of you!

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