Free Traffic Exchange Websites

Typically most traffic exchanges are free to join. There are some that cost money usually those traffic exchanges are risky ponzi schemes that I highly recommend you don’t get involved in. Also If you’re going to get involved in a traffic exchange I highly recommend that you avoid posting websites that you’re affiliated with. If you really want to profit from a traffic exchange your best bet is to collect email address. When you join a trafic exchange the members are there for the same reason you are which is to make money and if you want to stand out its a good idea to build a landing or a squeeze page and try to build your email marketing list.

My Top Three Traffic Exchanges

Personally I use the three traffic exchange below to build my list. Personally I like to use traffic exchanges that have over 100,000 members this way my chances for success are far greater. My top three traffic exchanges are listed below in particular order.

EasyHits4U is by far the traffic exchange that produces the fastest results. You could put your website in the exchange and get 5000 hits within 20 minutes. The only problem this might cause is if you have cheap or shared web hosting this might slow down your websites performance which in turn might lead to some people not seeing your webpage correctly.


StartXChange is one of the longest running traffic exchanges if you want to know what a traffic exchange should be StartXChange is it. This traffic exchange is very calculated on every level when you join this site you will instantly know that the webmaster really cares about his site and his members

Traffic Swarm

Now Traffic Swarm has a bit of inflation problem by that I mean there is too much traffic credits floating around this site. In my opinion they’ve made it too easy for members to earn credits and there are too many members with too much credits. When too many members have to many credits it takes twice as long to get page views. Traffic Swarm has some of the highest bidding wars for top positions in the traffic exchange industry which kind of makes it unfair for members that don’t have a truck load of credits.

The good news however is traffic Swarm because of how it was made has some of the best conversion rates in the traffic exchange industry, the problem is you’ll have to be patient and the results obviously aren’t guaranteed.

Final Thoughts on Free Website Traffic

Well this concludes my post. If you’re looking for other ways to build traffic to your website consider reading the How To Increase Web Traffic For Free post where we discuss the different area’s where you can build traffic to your websites for free. Thank you for reading my post please leave your comments below.