Google Domains vs Namecheap – The Google Powerhouse vs. 2+ million stong

Google is one of those stocks that I refuse to sell, the Google search engine as of the date I’m writing this is untouchable in North America. The only way to stop google search from dominating in your country is to outright ban out or regulate it to death. This is obviously one of the reasons why an international company like Google is stretching its tentacles into multiple different areas, namely, the arenas that will provide Google with a steady stream of cash flow.

Personally, I don’t like to have all my eggs in one basket, typically whenever some idiot bureaucrat or politician wants to flex their muscles they attack popular corporations, like Google, labeling them tax cheats or whatever popular slogan they can throw at large corporations that will get them votes. Why I bring this up is because Google to date has been scrutinized for some of its practices regarding data collection.

As a believer in free markets, I’m a believer in the freedom of CHOICE, nobody forces me to Google, so if a Google service is doing something I don’t like, I won’t use that particular service. NameCheap in comparison to Google is a very small company, but the only thing Name Cheap does is Domains names.

The reason why I’ve long been a supporter of purchasing domains from Name Cheap is their flexibility, I don’t like to feel trapped, and although Google Domains also currently offers Privacy protection as part of your domain purchase, NameCheap has been doing it for as long as I can remember.

In the past, Go Daddy used to dominate the Domain Name space, but Go Daddy was and still is an Upselling nightmare, some of the add-ons Go Daddy has I don’t understand, Name Cheap changed who PROFESSIONALS looked at domain purchases and if I’m to be honest when I look at Google Domains I see a lot of the Name Cheap influence.

The Dot com domains used to be the only domains people wanted, but now that they have all sorts of funky domain names, the income potential for being involved in the domain registration business is limitless. It’s called “Domains.Google” if you type “” you’ll be right on their homepage, so when you think about that from a business perspective, there’s a lot of income potential there for Google and it’s for this reason why I comprehend why they’ve gotten involved in the Domain register business.

All that side, Name Cheap is been slow to raise its prices, sure prices at NameCheap rise, but a lot of these price increases are due in large part because of governments wanting their cut.

Google on the other hand is pretty good at adding value to digital things, meaning that it wouldn’t surprise me if the costs associated with Google Domains rise at a faster clip, because of the added TRUST value of the Google brand. A lot of people will purchase a domain name from Google Domains because it’s GOOGLE!

I’m certain Google could charge twice the price Name Cheap charges and they’d still have a flood of buyers. I’m not accusing Google of price gouging, but a lot of people hold them in very high esteem. Being that Google is Public and Name Cheap is NOT, expect that NameCheap will do everything in it’s power to cater to it’s customer base.

Whereas Google has shareholders(which for transparency reasons I’m a shareholder) to answer to. I use a LOT of Google products, however currently I don’t use Google Domains, I do like the idea of them being in this space, they’re trustworthy and for most people, they like the idea of being able to link all of their Google products together.

For someone like me, I prefer NameCheap. I can’t say this view is permanent, but it’s my current stance and my reasoning is because Domains is what Name Cheap specializes in. Whereas Google is… well Google, “Google it” should be included in the English dictionary as those words mean so much to so many people.

Both Google Domains and Name Cheap are worthy of your consideration and especially if privacy protection is important to you!

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