Government Deficit Spending Vs. Government Regulations on the Private Sector – Which is worse when you combine it with fiat money and Central Banking – December 20, 2021

First and foremost I think it’s criminal that we call any money the government steals from its population “spending” in Western Economy based on individualism, liberties, and freedoms. Deficit spending should actually be called Deficit INVESTING we call it deficit spending because everyone who understands basic economics knows that politicians whether authoritarian, totalitarian or democratically elected can not micro-manage an economy.

The mere fact that we as a species imagine that central powers are the way of the future, should inform you of how stupid we still are. Excuse my little rant here, but our current monetary system is COMICAL and I hope 100 years from now, our future selves will be laughing at how dumb we were to have such a stupid system when history had shown us repeatedly that centralization of power leads to economic ruin

Anyway so under a fiat monetary system, deficit spending doesn’t matter as much as people think it does, governments have run perpetual deficits since forever, it’s why we’re on a rule by fiat monetary system now. Fiat money by the way means, I’m the government and while you’re under my control you will use as legal tender what I deem as money. The reality of the situation is that all fiat money worldwide are worthless and most of their values are derived from the foreign exchange markets, which allows as an example a corrupt U.S fiat dollar to flourish worldwide.

Whether you like it or not, the U.S dollar is an in-demand currency, that people all over the world hoard. With that said, to understand why Government regulations are worse than deficit spending is to first understand the correlation between the two. Fiat money allows politicians to imagine that their bad ideas were actually good ideas.

Student loans were of course, a bad idea that would have gone bankrupt without fiat money, but because we have fiat money, nobody sees any reason to end student loans, now, because student loans exist because of the government demanding that they legally can not be included in a bankruptcy, student loans which is a form of DEFICIT spending continue to get larger and larger every year.

Now, I can hear someone say to themselves individuals pay back student loans, yes, well, do individuals not pay back government deficits? or has the government convinced you that deficits don’t matter? Because of the government convinced you that deficits do not matter, it probably convinced you that REGULATIONS on the economy don’t matter either.

Regulations are damaging to the economy because regulations attack the goose that lays the golden eggs. The private sector is responsible for generating WEALTH, the private sector is the entity that turns oranges into orange juice. Now an orange is great, but imagine if not only could I squeeze the juice out of an orange, but imagine I could also add some water and sugar to that orange, and with this ADDED VALUE get a customer to pay me more money for a bottle of concentrated orange juice than I’d get if I simply asked the customer to buy oranges from me?

This added value that brings about wealth to the world can be destroyed by ONE government REGULATION. Imagine a profitable enterprise is told that it doesn’t have enough black workers, and it’s wages are not meeting the standards of the labor union, and the plastic bottles it’s using are killing the environment and the owner of the orange juice factor votes for the wrong political party, or the orange trees are being produced in a place that government doesn’t like or the trucks that bring the orange juice to the customer using diesel fuel we’re trying to phase out or the orange juice labels don’t meet the government guidelines, there’s a virus and now in order to work for the orange juice company, you must qualify under the new government regulation.

Those are only the regulations I can think of off the top of my head, a person who owns a juice manufacturing company could probably add about 30 more rules and regulations the government demands it meets in order to legally sell orange juice in a particular jurisdiction. Now, most business people can find wealth out of this planet, however, the government is the destroyer of wealth, central powers, or allowing power to be centralized destroys wealth.

Furthermore, if you don’t like to contribute your fair share to society, you’ll more than likely be on board for both more regulations and deficit spending, so although I consider regulations far worse than deficit spending in this article I attempted to show you how the two of them relate to each other. Deficit spending especially under a fiat monetary system definitely creates a demand for more regulations on productive people.

Because if you’re ignorant about how wealth is created, why wouldn’t you be ignorant about how wealth is destroyed. If you’ve convinced yourself that you know everything and why wouldn’t you be easily manipulated by a politician who knows you know nothing? The know-it-alls are usually the most destructive people in a society, know it alls are usually unwilling to compromise, whereas the creators of wealth do nothing but compromise.

In closing Government, deficit spending is the gateway drug to the worst laws of a prosperous economy, GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS! So when you see the government intervening in the marketplace, and your standard of living declining, remember that the culprits 9.9/10 are government regulations. Even if you’re in a country in which the religious leaders make the rules, big government is big government. Socialism and communism are just labels for BIG GOVERNMENT, Whatever your religious ideology, it’s just a label for BIG GOVERNMENT! Humans were intended to be free! Don’t imagine that civilized human beings do not know what to do with criminals.

In third world countries like Nigeria, there are areas of those countries in which the communities deal with the criminal elements, now obviously Nigeria might need some assistance growing their economy, but I bring this up to remind you that we don’t need government! Like it or not if you imagine that CIVILIZED Western people need a big government, you’re wrong! It’s actually the fear of what will happen if you violate natural laws is that keep people in line.

Most civilized humans don’t know the law until they’re in front of a judge. Now because communities aren’t allowed to deal with criminal elements amongst them, criminals figure out the justice system long before law-abiding people figure it out. Because criminals are more involved in the judicial system, and the government wants to alleviate itself of the stresses of dealing with criminals, government will often enact laws like gun controls to hopefully ease its own burdens.

Now again if the government didn’t have so many REGULATIONS on law-abiding citizens, to begin with, just like in Nigeria where communities handle their criminal elements, the same thing would happen in Western societies. Now if you see the connection you’ll see how more regulations lead to more government deficit spending and more deficit spending leads to more regulations and eventually, this leads to an authoritarian or totalitarian State.


Interesting times ahead!