HerbaLifeww.com Review

HerbaLife Cell-U-Loss of HerbaLifeww.com is just one of the many herbal products offered by HerbaLife. It’s a dietary supplement that is said to have replaced the existing Formula 5 Vitamin C supplement of the company. Blending Corn Silk, Dandelion, Parsley, Asparagus and three key minerals Magnesium, Sodium, and Calcium, Cell-U-Loss is said to promote healthy functioning of the urinary tract, maintain the appearance of healthy skin, and support fluid balance.

About HerbaLife

Established over 30 years ago by Mark Hughes, HerbaLife is a company that specializes on products that aims to help people lose weight and improve their health safely and effectively. It has products that are claimed to be formulated from natural ingredients.

Originally established in California, HerbaLife now operates to 76 countries and still expanding. It’s also a member of Direct Selling Association of Australia and New Zealand and of the countries where it operates. HerbaLife has an estimated 2.3 million independent distributors worldwide.

Final thoughts on HerbaLife’s Cell-U-Loss

HerbaLife’s Cell-U-Lose is a product that don’t have a direct effect on weight loss. It’s a dietary supplement that just aids the process of shedding those extra pounds. While it may earn good points for containing natural ingredients, it is still worth considering that not all herbal products are safe for everyone to use. It would be best to consult your physician before trying this or any supplement, in general, in the market.

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