Home Jobs Revealed Review – Is it a scam?

Home Jobs Revealed is a work-at-home opportunity being advertised on the website HomeJobManual.com. It claims to help anyone follow the footsteps of a stay-at-home, Melissa Johnson, who is said to make $8,000 a month from working online.

More about Home Jobs Revealed

The sales page of Home Jobs Revealed runs an advertorial. An advertorial is simply an advertisement that looks like a real news story. Oftentimes, they are accompanied by a photo of a reporter whose names, in many cases, are simply made up by the people behind the ad.

In the case of Home Jobs Revealed, it features the story of a stay-at-home who earns $97/hour by working online. However, the website doesn’t provide more information with regards to the nature of this work-at-home opportunity. In fact, it links to a completely different website and another money-making opportunity.

Final thoughts on Home Jobs Revealed

Michelle Taylor’s Home Jobs Revealed is most likely a scam. For one, it has an exaggerated earning claim ($97/hour simply by working online). These claims are often used by websites who are trying to lure customers to buy their program kits.

Websites like this are often just the beginning of a customer’s never-ending problem with work-at-home scams. They will either link you to another website that sell almost the same stuff or pass your contact details to companies who will try to sell you their program kits that can cost as much as $10,000.

The bottom line here is to be careful with work-at-home programs that you’re dealing with. It’s still best to do a research first before you sign up to any of these websites.

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