My personal view on is that it doesnt really stand out in one particular area which is why I personally choose to pass on there services. One of my main reasons for not to hosting my website with is  because you can’t sign up with them on a month to month basis.

I like the option of being able to sign up month to month. For me i want to try the service first before commiting to any longterm agreement. on the flipside they are a “green” hosting company which is always good and there customer service is pretty good so if your interested sign up at the link below.

Click here for HostPapa
Theres two companies i currently use to host most of my blogs 1 is Hostso and Hostgator. First i will explai why i use HostSo.


Hostso is the chepest web hosting online that provides EXCELLENT customer service. If your about to host a new website and your on a tight budget theres no better cheap web hosting service than Hostso there are others with simular pricing but there customer service and tech support is terrible. Meaning if your website is down they will be hard to get a hold of or hard to find. I have also never had any downtime with Hostso i’ve had some technical issues in which they help me fix but I never experienced any downtime with them. The price for hostso starts at $1.00 per month that’s $12 a year unless your website recieves over 100,000 visitors a month I would start here click the banner below for more information

Reliable $1 Web Hosting by HostSo

If you have a website that gets alot of traffic or your somebody that is new online and will need allot of help with your websites then i recommend Hostgator. The thing i love most about Host gator is everything you can get started with HostGator for as little as 1 cent. Yes I said 1 cent. you can try there service today by clicking the banner below and typing in “WORDPRESS” in coupon section. this wont apply for those of you looking for reseller hosting.

HostGator gives you the ability to pay month to month yearly, plus there among the best web hosting companies online every single year they continue to grow and continue to have almost NO complaints. Which is huge because they have over 2 million users worldwide. You can sign up using the link below if the code doesnt work leave a message and i’ll have another one up in less than 5 hours as my preferred customer.