HugMoney HYIP Information

The saying to me reigns true again a fool is born every day If you join a HYIP in my personal opinion you deserve anything you get. If you can read this post you can do better than a HYIP I am not trying to make any friends with this post at all, all I am going to do is expose this scam and show you how easy it is to get one of these things started.

it doesn’t make any sense for me to tell you HYIP’s are stupid or tell you they are Ponzi or pyramid schemes instead I am going to show how easy it is to start your very own HYIP. Why pay some stranger you’re money to invest when you could be the stranger getting the money directly.

HYIP Business in a box – The Scam story

For only $15.00 yes $15.00 you too can start your very own HYIP, it might be a good idea to find a web designer to make your HYIP look pretty like HugMoney but none the less you too can be the owner of your very own fully functional HYIP. It’s a good idea also to buy a pay as you go cell phone and get a hosting plan that also has a 1-800 phone number this way the scam, oops I mean business sounds legit also find some unused space in a commercial building in a country you don’t reside in and post pictures to make your HYIP sound and look more legit.

So call it about $150 all together and you too with the right marketing techniques can make a killing with your very own HYIP.

First you can buy the script here just scroll down to your left until you see HYIP scripts. Then find a hosting provider that also has a 1 – 800 with their hosting plan and finally find a website designer and bam your good to go. Also when starting your HYIP make sure you always pay the HYIP forum owners this way it will be hard for people to find out once you stop paying people.

Final thoughts on HugMoney and HYIP businesses

Call the above whatever you want but that’s basically how HYIP’s work. HYIP’s are just so dumb in my opinion but do what you want to do. I got an interesting email today from someone asking me if “HugMoney” is a scam I get emails all the time from people asking me about certain industries and it’s hard for me to change the way they think so in this article I choose just to put the information out there. The key to making money online is Internet marketing. There are plenty of sources where you can learn internet marketing for free but I choose Chris Farrell’s membership because you pay once it’s jammed packed full of information and everything is nicely organized.  Best wishes to you in everything you do.